Many of the acquisitions that manage to make the people give thanks to different modalities from credit that to a great extent approach and facilitate the attainment of different profits that meant better conditions of life or the benefit of certain things who always have been wanted to have for being able to enjoy and to happen comfortable moments but or also by means of the credit can be acquired certain way of life when always having to disposition certain amount of money to take care of different obligations and power to occur varied tastes in the day to day, as it happens with the credit cards which thanks to its conditions along with the operation of a credit card, allows to enjoy one better way the life of a form comfortable and calm. Doubtless the credit cards are a great tool for the people, nevertheless many do not understand or they do not pay much attention to the operation of a credit card, therefore in the present article different aspects would be mentioned about the operation from a credit card and thus the people will be able to better know an instrument so useful to which they go at many moments of the life.

Before beginning to speak basic on the operation of a credit card, the physical and virtual elements would be mentioned that are part of the card and that allows the operation of a credit card; thus the credit cards are represented by a plastic, which contains a magnetic stripe or in other cases it owns a chip, which will allow to accede to the information of the owner of the card to the being read by a card reader of credit and such form to make use of the different services, but first is necessary to offer a information to the reader, who is I number or key of the card to be able to have the services represented by the card. After to treat the components that allow the operation of a credit card, one goes completely to the operation, so the place is due to differentiate in which they will be used, which gives capacity to slight changes, between which they are: the automatic tellers, they are networks that offer one of the forms of operation of a credit card but common and resorted by the people, the one that consists of happening or putting the card of a certain form in a reader, soon to enter the password or PIN, thus after which the reader recognizes the information, allows to accede to different options like money retirement, transference, to find out the balance until the change of the PIN. Within the commercial establishments, the operation of a credit card consists of which it will make to pay it the account prepares the card to be read by the reader and to enter the PIN, furthermore is due to present/display a document that serves to identify the holder of the card, also adding in the receipt its company/signature in regard to the operation. Of a general way it is possible to be said that the operation of a credit card, occurs thanks to a network on watch, in which the receiver of the card is put in contact with the data base of the bank of issue and the bank realizes the payment of the product or service..