Mobile Information Systems

Mobile information systems for the BlackBerry better informed with Taimos Rafe bath on the Fils, 05th February 2009 for the traveling businessman, there is nothing more convenient than the BlackBerry. And the best thing is: the telecommunications providers offer always more favourable tariffs for the use of the BlackBerrys.(1) information anytime and anywhere. Now, there is the software Taimos for the use of enterprise data traveling on the BlackBerry. Taimos establishes the connection between corporate servers and devices and allows the real-time access to relevant data, no matter where you are and when you need the data. Taimos means that information management and organization system tailormade”. For Taimos, the name is program: the Taimos team develops customized software solutions. These programs are suitable for workers, IT decision makers, and Managing Director, who travel frequently to outside appointments.

Want to know current sales or selling prices of sales representatives, he gets this information quickly and easily on his BlackBerry while he at the customer or suppliers on the spot is delivered. The required data are encrypted in real-time via the Internet. In addition to speed and timeliness, security plays an important role. Protect against unwanted access to secret data the users of the Taimos software by password and device ID. Only existing BlackBerry to download sensitive data after entering a personal passwords. Loss of BlackBerrys, the data access can be blocked by calling a hotline of the lock.

The company offers not only complete packages in the form of BlackBerry devices and servers. The system of Taimos can be also fully integrated. Individual consultation and customised solutions complete the offer of Taimos GmbH. System requirements: BlackBerry OS version 4.5.x, PC with Internet access, Java, Windows and Linux operating systems. (1) 527-umts-handyflatrate with smartphone here there are pictures: printable image material obtained You on request in our agency Xpand21 GBR. For more information, see to about taimos the Taimos GmbH is a provider of mobile information systems. The Taimos products are suitable for connecting data sources to provide the data to the individual data sets up to the presentation of the data on the mobile devices.