Management Systems

– Charging batteries – on computer stand, or while working with the supplied in a set of connecting cables. – The latest database of cars in Europe, North America, Asia, and Japan (including the right-hand drive), Russia, etc. More than 22 000 vehicles in the database, to create own base. By purchasing even the most inexpensive of the produced models Techno 2000 Techno Vector or Vector Infra you get a complete set of optional: Registration and customer support regardless of place of purchase Stand 'Techno Vector' You can become a registered user. This entitles you to receive free annual updates to the database of cars and software. Course 'video lectures on how to use' Specially designed 'course video lectures Techno Vector' will allow your specialist familiar with the work bench, before installation of the stand (on CD) and to receive timely information during operation (see 'Background system 'program).

The voice-guided '(' The speaker stand ') When the stand directs the actions of the operator. Particularly useful during the training of new specialists. Possibility to choose between voice or just sound accompaniment. Enhanced Help system Help system contains detailed information on the launch, operation and maintenance of the stand, video on how to use and equipment, theory and etc. Information Management System chosen model when selecting an operator the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the factory settings (wheel alignment, tire pressure regulations), but also with control features of the car. Drawings, photographs, explanations, three-dimensional animation.

Database of more than 22 000 cars. Calibration device (in base) Allows control and calibration readings of their own. Step by step procedure, an integrated program guides the operator. Remote control (in the base) allows you to confidently manage a computer on distance of 10 m Guarantee service Constant presence of all components in stock, the company can reduce the term of any repairs up to 1 day. Established system express – delivery of regional distributors. The warranty period is increased to 2 years. Additional features implemented in the basic function of measuring the angle of inclination of the longitudinal pin (Caster) in real time. Has a function to adjust the 'similarity collapse' in vehicles with low bumper (spoiler). The mode of adjusting the car with the wheels posted.