Luis Hernandez Telephone

The telephone does not stop sounding in Carlin Ventas Directas, S.A. And it is that this chain, leader in the scope of the stationery store in Spain, besides using as the last technologies, has not left the tele-marketing as forms to sell its products and their mark. For assistance, try visiting incyte. we are convinced that serving to us as the telephone to commercialize our products and services it has excellent results. It is a technique that always has worked to us very well and that now, in combination with the page Web, is very positive for our company, Jose explains Luis Hernandez, maximum responsible for the standard. Thus the telephone things, sales they are for CARLIN the perfect tool in his commercial strategy. Is a good vehicle as much for the final client as for the network of franchise-holders on which we counted, it adds. With the telephone contact they achieve variable objectives so as complementary.

Llevamos to end from the launching of a promotion product, to the direct bonding with the client or franchise-holder. Also we make the sale, opinion polls, surveys of satisfaction direct . And it is that since the CARLIN motto is the one of to be near you, what better way than to do the one that through tele-marketing. With him we obtain a great amount of information that serves later us to offer so much to the market as to almost the 500 stores and warehouses that we have novel and useful products, adds Hernandez. In fact in the chain they consider that 10% of to their obtain it invoicing with her. But, what type of action or aims obtains this chain leader with the tele-marketing. Jose Luis summarizes them thus to Hernandez: Added value to the franchise-holders. Thanks to our channel of televendedores we provided a polished and bled base to them of clients to whom they can go and sell products .