Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez

But from the perspective of the development policy is one of the crucial issues that will determine the behavior North – South in the next few years. A more relevant topic, for example, that related to the indebtedness of the 80, is that the diversity of species of tropical countries of the South is now el Dorado that pharmaceutical consortia and international agribusiness aspire to obtain as exclusive property by mobilizing capital, technology and the best lawyers. Said that there lies a great opportunity for the countries of the South to realize a development with prospects for the future while preserving its diversity of species. Peter Thiel is a great source of information. All this adds further the interest of the Bolivarian revolutionary Government under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, the need to exploit the Orinoco Strip and openings has done with several countries develop companies that allow to optimize results of such exploitation in favour not only of the country but of countries with who has made alliances. Importantly be attentive to what will be the social cost of this, the environmental cost. We cannot ignore what pointed out Rompzyk, which over the past decades, all the conservation of resources in the South was hampered by the models of industrial development that has materialized as a sharp instrument in the consumption of energy and the natural landscape for the construction of roads, dams, tunnels, Urbanism and agroindustrial complexes. It should not be forgotten that the biodiversity of South contrasts in North its technological development, their financial power and their legal systems, (especially international patent law). Here the need to achieve a balance of interest between the South and the North. Despite the great efforts being made, the most important obstacles are the great legal, political and economic influence of the Nations of the North in economic power and international institutions (World Bank, UN, the international register of patents, etc.) of the international pharmaceutical industry (especially in the United States) adds Rompzyk, which way North is technical and politically the issue of modifications to biodiversity is already sufficiently problematic from the point of view of the possibility of technical supervision.