Kazakh Foreign Ministry

Now consider the points of "achievements" of the foreign policy of the republic. At this moment, the main important task of Astana – OSCE chairmanship, towards which resources have been directed not only to the MFA, but the whole of Kazakhstan since 2003. The Western powers used ambitions, I can even say "the idea fixe" Kazakhstan as a resource for the punching of its geopolitical and energy interests. Results of the meeting with Mr. Nazarbayev, Angela Merkel once again confirmed that by hook or by crook, Brussels and Washington will take down with Astana. The president of a sovereign country, as scholar, was forced to listen to German Chancellor terms of one year chairmanship of the OSCE: "This can be thought, if the country will reform." The main thing now – get from the new "older brothers" instructions on the direction and pace of reforms, which will bring an Ak-Orda to the desired goal. Pompous CICA summit also belong to the category of useless inventions. Somehow none but the structures of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry and the Security Council, does not show interest not only to this project was relevant and useful, but even in the participation in it.

Attracting foreign delegations costs in Kazakhstan "Penny". And politically it is too burdensome. In fact, with the participation of each country in advance of the CICA Astana always promises significant political concessions. CICA, unlike the OSCE, SCO, APEC and other organizations, for all 15 years of its existence has never been brought to the discussion a little bit important event of international politics and conflict. At the same time, Kazakhstan continues to spew verbal absurdities such as "my concern over the situation in Honduras. " Widely publicized event in Astana as the Interfaith Forum and the Eurasian Media Forum, in fact, too, are a way to gratify vanity Nursultan Nazarbayev. Not only in the medium experts, but also in the Kazakh authorities proplachennyh foreign media have not met any feedback on the usefulness of these measures or their real contribution to solving any problem, whether in religion or in the field democratization.