Internet Science

Words key: Computer science, alfabetizao, Introduction INTRODUCTION One of the areas that more grow in the world is of computer science. Today we can find computers in the places where it would not be imagined to have to a time backwards as bakeries, markets, aougues, store of the commerce in general, with the purpose to list customers, to enter the box, to manage cameras of monitoring and until the supply. We also have computers in library, bookstores, for the consultation of archives, beyond the great number of computers spread in all the places with several other purposes. One of the great easinesses that computer science brought was the access the Internet that is one of the medias more used by people of some social classrooms and some ages. Each time more children with little age are using the same computer before the complete alfabetizao. With this, the necessity to become the so common computer how much the television, and to give to the access it of form that the people dominate its use and if becomes beyond efficient users, professional each time more experienced. For this, schools are placing computers to the disposal of the pupils, if becoming each more necessary time a project where the children can entertain themselves and learn at the same time. With the necessity to more early include daily computer science in educational each time, as to include children not yet alfabetizadas? One understands that the introduction of computer science in the learning and alfabetizao, comes as something transforming of values, forms to think and to construct of diverse forms. Many professors still today do not have computer science knowledge, being thus, its agreement of world is not the same which the school and the alfabetizao if relate. If an educator does not have this knowledge, he will not be able to pass its pupils who computer science can introduziz it in the society of more complete form since the intention of the studies and to include citizens prepared for the inclusion in the society of participativa form with work, thoughts and action.