Internal Finish Twin Frame

When finishing bath is desirable to use materials made from wood, which does not contain a large amount of tar and not korobyaschihsya upon exposure to moisture. In our latitudes, such requirements are met hardwoods: birch, aspen and lime. It is also used cedar and pine from the family, and after proper treatment and she used pine. Windows and doors in the bath make less than conventional living room: it helps to keep more heat in the room. Doors are usually single and open outward. The doors to the bath can also be done in different ways. The first option – the door of the boards, living outside of any insulation, and inside covered varnish, a thin waterproof plywood or fiberboard. The second option – comfortable and warm panel doors made of two wooden frames of different sizes (inner frame should be easy to enter the outer).

For a snug fit male frame must strictly comply with the size of a door jamb and the edge of it should be slightly beveled. Both the frame on both sides and fiberboard sheathe fill insulation material. Then connect the two frame screws. In the shower room You can set parovlagostoykuyu door, which consists of a single frame, and attach it with screws on both sides of glass-fiber sheets. The space, which was formed between the sheets of insulation to fill in light material. Constipation on the doors make the top and bottom. At the bottom for this purpose you can use any metal hook, and the top lock should be wood, not to get burned. Door handles, as a rule, also make wooden.

To manufacture them, you can use any available material, until found in the forest root knot and bizarre. But before installing the door handles covered with linseed oil and dried well. The windows in the bath must be of the form rectangles elongated in the horizontal, because it is such a form allows you to better retain heat in the room.