Institute for Alpha Courses

He founded the Institute for Alpha courses. Vanda North. Proved to be very capable of learning speed reading. Very quickly he has mastered, is currently ranked third in the world of speed reading. Antonio Malyabekki. A contemporary of Spinoza, and Newton. Quickly began to read due to the fact that could not read in the usual way, and learned to read himself, intuitively. Still possessed a phenomenal memory, can store the punctuation.

He served as a librarian. Eugene Alekseenko. Prodigy. Extraordinary girl abilities. Reads any text with page turning speed. Path of mastering speed reading. (Praktika.

All that is contained in a little playful form – the truth) This article is written for those who love to explore independently Speed reading. Let's imagine the man who bought the book in the store (textbook) on speed reading, and brought it home in a good mood began to read. As a rule, first described the opportunities that it provides. Inspiring! You have passed the first test result recorded. Speed reading such and such. Opinion of yourself is something. Here you hurry opinion of themselves a form. Know this: In the world there is no single, adequate and correct relevant system measuring the speed of reading. And will not be long. Because we do not know yet really how to describe what is called reading. Well, in first class, with a stopwatch … tell you. But an understanding of the text you someone asked then? Is there any "correct" understanding? In fact, the text can be difficult, but contain little information.