Innovative Infrared Measurements

More efficient measure with the testo 835 series Lenzkirch. A new series of infrared measurement devices for use in trade and industry on the market brings the Lenzkircher measurement specialist Testo AG. The devices are characterized by their particular speed and precision. Special functions, such as for example the non-contact measurement of the surface moisture for the building trade or the high measuring range up to 1500 c for the glass, ceramic and metal industry, opening up a wide range of applications. With the testo 835 series we can offer every customer the meter suitable for him. From the craftsman, the climate and HVAC engineer, civil engineer and expert to the employee in industrial quality assurance each customer can choose the meter, that is best tailored to his main tasks”, explains Matthias Germer, product manager of Testo AG. The testo 835-T1 is the basic version of the series for the non-contact measurement of the surface temperature.

It is ideally suited for the Crafts, such as to determine the temperature of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as on heating and air conditioning systems. In the industry, it is used for quality control of products and the review of possible vulnerabilities in production processes. Small, portable and difficult to access or hot objects can be measured with testo 835-T1 from middle distance safely and efficiently. Who wants to measure the moisture in addition to the temperature, the Special Unit is testo 835-H1 with integrated (by Testo of patented infrared) surface moisture measurement available. The moisture on building substances can testo 835-H1 and others on construction sites measure, for example, on concrete. Depending on the moisture level of the progress of a construction project can be influenced? In residential buildings, recognizes the craftsman or expert mold danger at an early stage in the walls and can take such action. High renovation costs, caused by moisture in the walls or other construction materials be specifically avoided.