High Occupational Safety

The anti-slip work place mats by macro IDENT are a combination of an oil-resistant rubber mat and oil-binding, non-slip work place mat the macro industrial mats IDENT are impermeable, non-slip and oil-resistant work place mats. The surface adsorbed leaked oil and other liquids, is easy on the joints and the workplace is always dry and clean. Workers working in oily environments such as plant or production facilities, to protect from slipping and dirt, there are special industrial comfort mats with high absorbency IDENT macro. These industrial mats are a combination of an oil-resistant rubber mat and a workplace anti slip mat, which on the rubber mat is placed above or is already integrated. Is protected including the bottom down dripping liquids, the employees no longer slips on oil spills or liquids and also has a clean work area. The upper layer, running the employees is also non-slip and tear-resistant.

The Edition with the BSM Variant can be exchanged at any time. “The workplace anti-slip mats are available in different versions: as comfort mat” in the set of oil-resistant rubber mat with Special Edition for oils and maintenance areas in format 76 x 152 cm and the BSM mats with 91 cm x 15.25 meters or 91 cm x 30,49 meters, which have an impermeable barrier on the underside to prevent penetration of fluids into the ground. The upper material adsorbed oil, water and non-aggressive chemicals. The comfort mats sets as “oil-binding” (SA-AFO) and as a “Maintenance release” (SA-AFA) are available for use in environments, in General, industrial fluids are used. The sets consist of the oil-resistant rubber mat and a non-slip coating (work place mat). These items be delivered coiled on a roll. The oil-binding Edition dark grey is white and the rest of the maintenance release.

The roles can at any time at macro ID be purchased retroactively. The respective sections on the role of the workplace comfort mat are perforated so that every employee can easily can tear off the appropriate size. As soon as the requirements are very dirty, this is simply replaced with a new edition, which comes from the role. Employees have a safe and above all clean work place. The BSM work place mat is available on role and as you quite like itself to cropping. These mats are thinner than the comfort mats, because they do not have a separate rubber mat, but the thin barrier in the material is incorporated. MACRO identification you will find a wide range of other mats for heavily frequented areas, cloths, roles, locks, pillows, barrel covers, oil booms for water, oils, chemicals and other liquids. Eco-friendly towels and role are available, as well as emergency kits for the long-haul transport, production facilities and oil tankers. Sumps and Fall arrest systems are IDENT for the most diverse applications in halls or outdoors in the extensive program of sorbents from macro.