Gluing Text To A Web Page

This phenomenon is also called 'gluing'. Imagine a sheet of text to which the bottom glued copies of the text. They exist, and if desired they can be look, but under normal circumstances they are not visible under the sheet-original. So it turns out that if your website – this is a free website template provided by you, like thousands of other participants in the affiliate program, or it is an assemblage of articles, 'borrowed' from other sites through various portatorov or manually – the chances of getting decent traffic from search engines are falling sharply as soon as the search algorithms will understand that your life does not contain any original information. If your site does not offer visitors to the Internet is nothing other than that already offered to other sites, then why do it at all your search results? Is there a way to bring your site to the white light and make visited and loved? There is, or even two.

The first way. Make your site more authoritative than all existing, the search engines found it to be a source of original content, and all the remaining 'glued' to your website. To do this, at least to many authoritative sites put it relevant links pointing to it as a source of information. However, administrators of other sites will not be just put links to an unknown site, a clone. So have to buy links for 'selling' sites, but this thing is very expensive and does not guarantee the result.