GHz Pulse

Q3-63 / 1. Frequency elektronnoschetny 0.1 Hz-1500 MHz High accuracy. If you would like to know more about Peter Thiel, then click here. Issuance of information on the recording device. Remote control. Tough operating conditions. Small dimensions and weight performance and power consumption. Self-monitoring.

You can also choose a different best frequency H3-63, at a cost lower, but in other characteristics, namely, H3-63 with a range of measured frequency sine wave: 0.1 Hz – 1000 MHz, the best of its class. Inside the service. Instrumentation and H3-63 / 1, specifications for release: W 4-88 W DLI2.721.007. Small weight and dimension parameters. Frequency of electron-counting Q3-63 / 1 submitted (s) in the State register of measuring instruments and available (ies) to your order. Frequency Q3-63 / 1 is designed to measure the frequency of sine and pulse repetition frequency signals and measure the sine wave signal repetition period for measuring the pulse duration; ratio of the frequencies of electrical signals, counting the number of electrical signals, the alarm of the reference frequency, the issuance of the results of measurements on the recording device.

The device Q3-63 / 1 is used in communications technology, of radio engineering, production and operation of various radio-electronic devices and their metrological support. For many years of experience with H3-63 / 1, the time shows that the reliability and stability to work with He laid down the inside. Reasonableness of internal nodes of Q3-63 / 1, the power supply and external control, makes us think about the simplicity and reliability of the H3-63 / 1, and hence on the precise operation of this device at any time and in any weather. Q3-63 / 1 showed itself as a reliable friend in the military and have a simple user on their work and low prices. Q3-63 / 1 that the best we have in our instrument, H3-63 / 1 an indispensable tool in accurate measurements. Main technical characteristics device Q3-63 / 1: Measurement frequency range: 0.1 Hz-1, 5 GHz (inputs A and B). The voltage range of the input signal 0,03-10 In (for frequencies of 1.0-1.5 GHz input signal 0,03-10 MW). The range of measurement period: 0.1 ms-104 (input B). Input Voltage Range signal in the measurement period: 10.3 V (for the signal pulse shape 0.1-30 V) measurement range of pulse duration of either polarity with a pulse repetition frequency greater than or equal to 55 MHz: 0.1 ms-104 (input B). Input Voltage Range signal for measuring the pulse duration: 0.1-10 V. When measuring the frequency ratio: the higher range of the compared frequencies (input A) 0.1 Hz-200 MHz range from the lowest compared frequencies (input B) 0.1 Hz-10 MHz. Power supply: 220V, 50 Hz, 220 or 115 V, 400 Hz. Power consumption: 60 V * A. Replaces: H3-1 H3-2 – H3-7 Q3-12 Q3-14 Q3-28 Q3-32 Q3-33 Q3-36 Q3-57 Suggested replacement: Q3-74 Q3- 77, Q3-81 Q3-81 / 1 Replacement: HP 5334B, HP 5355A, HP 53181A, Fluke 6672 Weight: 6 lbs. Dimensions: 312h95h342 mm. Inside the service. Instrumentation and also supplies the market, and other appliances like to order, and on stock. Basically radiomeasuring devices with military acceptance, much appreciated great popularity both in quality and the characteristics: frequency, ammeter, voltmeter, shunt, oscilloscope, digital frequency counter, frequency H3-, measuring instruments, frequency, frequency counters, spectrum analyzers, usb oscilloscope, power meter, digital frequency meter, instruments for sale, an oscilloscope, this is an incomplete list of supplied equipment, assist in the selection and purchase of quality products.