In this case, it is necessary to complete flooring sanding and then applying a new varnish. PRE-PRE-oil and wax oil and wax, general information oiled parquet floor has a much more natural look than hardwood flooring, varnished. The oil penetrates the wood, beautifully emphasizing its texture. Financial technology spoke with conviction. Oil and wax composition may be applied to the surface of the floorboard without special equipment. Application process is quite simple and fast, which in itself is a significant advantage of this type of protective coating. There are several types of coatings for wood floors on the basis of oils and waxes: wooden floor covering oil, coating the wooden floor wax, covering the wooden floor-wax oil composition; PRE-OIL, caused in this case, the ready-made cover (nastelenny parquet floor or batten) is applied to canvas. Oil is recommended to apply spatula! Do not hesitate, usually oil is a viscous, but very fluid and liquid has the consistency like a motor or sunflower oil. Infliction trowel is recommended.

In fact, you just spill some oil on the floor and overclocking it with a thin layer with a spatula. You can use a cotton cloth. Oil applied thinly. About 20 minutes applied a second coat. No need to prevent the formation of puddles. Excess oil removed the cotton cloth. After that, the oil yield to soak into the wood and harden for about 10 hours, but it is recommended to sustain at least half 24 hours without load. Oil is always applied at least two layers.