Film Technology

cinec 2010 international exhibition of film technology news to radio and television technology introduces the ibc in Amsterdam for the European market in September. Who wants to know a little more specific: weekends on which presents the best from the world of film technology cinec in Munich. The clear views of the film technique and therefore anything is possible in practice, cinec offers from September 18 to 20 in the M, O, C, in Munich. About 150 of the leading manufacturers from Germany, Britain, the United States and 10 other countries, introduce their novelties in one of the most important fairs for Cine equipment and technology. Most of the new developments are seeing for the first time in Germany on a fair. For digital cameras like the red one”, the F-35″ by Sony and Arri Alexa “has developed 2065 OConnor fluid head. The stepless and smooth pan and tilt cushioning ensures maximum control and stability during the recording, sine patented counterbalance system allows for a correct Balance in each tilt position, so the manufacturer.

The fluid head, successor of the 2060HD, carries up to 32.2 pounds and weighs even 10.4 kilograms. Last year technology had presented in P + S the prototype, now is the Freestyle rig”manufactured in series, to bring movement in stereoscopy. The carbon fiber construction is as easy as resilient: the 3D-Spiegel-Rig is designed for cameras weighing up to 7 kg each, with various adapters, it can both on a steadicam “-system, as used on shoulder, crane or dolly.” The settings can be remotely with standard radio focus systems cmotion and Chrosziel. MovieTech provides the remote head P15/P25 “in versions with two or three axles. Due to its variable frame and adjustable drive units, it can be used with different cameras and is controlled via touch screen. Due to the quieter drive the Remote Head for use in the Studio is the manufacturer promises.