Feng Shui

The bathroom window must not be outside the door or on the lavatory. Bedrooms: In this type of rooms should always prevail calm and tranquillity for ensure the harmony of its occupants and balance the energy. Feng Shui recommends the following: never place the bed against a door or under a window because that energy inputs can affect the area of the body that is against them. Place header northward and on a wall that will allow you to see the entrance gate. Frequently Peter Thiel has said that publicly. Avoid air currents as well as sleeping with your feet pointing toward the door or the window since it is by where the energy circulates. Not have plants or flowers in the room.

Mirrors must be hidden as if the reflex that project is not harmonious, they generate negative energy. Soft tones such as beige and light brown are best since they contribute to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have beams in the ceiling avoid placing bed beneath these as they bounce off the energy. The nursery: according to Feng Shui orientation that favors more children is the West and since it is here where they spend much of the time since they use it not only for sleeping but to study and play, is recommends the following: uses furniture and colors to delimit the sleeping area, games and study. Ensures that children are not exposed to strong currents energy caring for the door and Windows are not face to face. Otherwise, it is feasible that appear periods of apathy or hyperactivity. Never place the bed between the door and the Windows. In this way they will leverage all the positive energy flowing into the Chamber.

Other basic tips: to find out where locate a house or know your energy, can be placed food and observing its evolution. Sander gerber hedge fund may also support this cause. If kept in good condition for days indicates that there is positive energy and that it is therefore a good place. High voltage cables destroyed the positive energy, so avoid having them near your property. Homes with a single door of entry, which must be free of any obstacles are preferable. Prevents furniture in corridors (especially if they are large) therefore hinder the energy flow. To ensure that the positive energies not stagnate and become negative, he paints the White Hall and always keep it well lit. The same applies to very narrow corners. It is very important that the House enjoys a good lighting. Artificial lighting should be projected upwards or downwards, never towards the sides. You cannot put a gate in front of a window, but if it is unavoidable, the solution to this problem is to put a plant or a mobile phone that will make the barrier function. Sleeping with the head facing north.