Epson AcuLaser Color Laser Printer

The Epson AcuLaser series refers to the color laser printer from Epson. EPL is available in several price categories, the prices start at just over 300 euros for the Epson AcuLaser C1100, for example, and go up into the thousands. Epson Stylus provides in the series provides a wide range of models from a total to date over 25 different types and model variants. Thus, the Epson AcuLaser in all its variations is one of the most common color laser printer not only in Germany, for Epson, of course, operates internationally. Epson or Epson Corporation, whose full name is entered as a printer manufacturer in 1964 in appearance and has since been known as the inventor of the first mobile computer manufacturer of LCD displays. The product range extends from scanners to digital cameras to LCD TV but even industrial robots and cash registers are also included. However, the printer and accessory business continues to be one of the areas from Epson. Consequently, the expansion of the Stylus series is the model of such diversity is no accident but the consequence of thetechnical advances in printing and personal computers. Laser printers bring a higher quality of printing with it. Only with photos, in conjunction with special inkjet paper may sometimes be preferable. In the conventional field office laser printers are color laser printers and in particular the front. Color laser printing surpass others not only in quality but also expressed thanks to the use of the copying technology of xerography known by Trockendruck. Thus, the Epson AcuLaser toner, like other laser printers to print to need you to. This toner is shipped in powder form and also allows easy refill (refill). Epson AcuLaser goes with the very innovative ways: For example, the Epson AcuLaser 2600N monochrome laser printer if needed is also available as color laser printers. It is simply used instead of a color toner. Thus correspond to the cost of black and white printing where a dedicated monochrome laser printer, according to manufacturer's instructions. The flagship of the EPL is the Epson AcuLaser ColorStation 8600 + has a network-capable printer solution for businesses represent. In addition, it allows printing, copying and scanning with one and the same device. Wherever Epson AcuLaser on it and stands there, the customer can expect solutions that adapt to the needs of modern office everyday. In the selection should be for each target group or person a suitable laser printers from Epson AcuLaser there.