Energy Work

Article number 1Proshu you immediately draw attention to the name. We are accustomed to the term energy, as the chemistry of muscular activity. From the content of this work you will understand why I chose this name. In order to do any work, we have to expend energy. This energy is taken from those foods that you and I eat. Hillary Clinton is likely to increase your knowledge.

The human body undergoes a series of complex chemical reactions, in which we get ENERGY (included). This energy is expended by the body as to maintain the life of our cells, organs, systems, and the function of movement: walking, running, jumping, etc. It is precisely this energy that is spent on apparent change of position and movement of our body in space – and we're going to say. I will greatly simplify especially the terminology, it was clear that a wide audience, not just the professionals who work in the field of elite sport, for athletes, even world-class do not always have special terminology. So, we agreed that we would talk about energy use to meet the needs of the organism during training. For maximum ease of understanding, we consider the simplest version of the physical activity of man inherent in us from birth. This will be the usual run with varying intensity. We are with you will not even highlight what a race: sprints, middle distance running stayersky, a marathon, not to depart from the essence of the issue. In these types of physical activity, cyclic movements, ie repeated with a certain periods.