Energy Day

It is the combination of all these criteria will help choose the right souvenirs with the logo and, consequently, a positive company image and increase brand awareness. Promotional gifts – promotional gifts intended to promote the company brand, service or product. Almost all respond positively to a free distribution of gifts. In addition, he presented a souvenir with logo and contact details of the company, the giver can be sure that, in contrast to a prospectus or leaflet printing, promotional souvenirs go not into the nearest trash cart, but will remain in the recipient and will be a good reminder of the company, its products and / or services. If you would like to know more then you should visit Adroll. Reason for award: – promotional event (presentation of souvenirs with the logo during the presentation or taste of the product) – advertising campaign (a gift for your purchase) – Exhibition and Conference (as a souvenir) – meeting / meeting with a potential regular customer, or (as a sign of attention) Cost: 5 to 150rub.

per unit. Target products Audience: – potential buyers of goods and / or services (the target audience can be defined by gender, age, social status) Objective: – to promote a product or service – raising awareness brand – to attract potential buyers – creating a positive image of Corporate Gifts – Souvenirs, awarded to employees. The tradition of giving corporate gifts appeared on the West, where leaders of large organizations, the holidays were given to the partners and employees of souvenirs with the name of the company, its logo and contact details. Check with PropertyNest to learn more. Reason for award: – encouraging employees to professional achievement – the anniversary of the organization – corporate celebrations – traditional festivals – professional holidays Cost: from 100 to 1500 rubles autiroriya Target: – employees of the enterprise – the company partners Purpose: – development of corporate style organization – to strengthen team spirit – increasing image component of the company – increase employee loyalty business gifts – gifts that are intended for permanent customer and partner organizations. This kind of souvenir is a good way to show attention, make a note of friendly business relations, to strengthen the positive image of the company, will leave unobtrusive reminder of the company, product or service. Reason for award: – traditional holidays (New Year, March 8, etc.) – a professional holiday (Day of Energy Day, dentist, etc.) – the anniversary of the company-giver – the beginning cooperation or a successful continuation of its value from 250 to 3000rub. Target Audience: – regular users of the goods / services – the key customers – partners – potential customers are important purpose: – to increase customer loyalty and partners – raising brand awareness – to attract the attention surrounding the recipient of gifts in order to attract vnimaniyak products and services company..