That is absolute. But this all depends on the bugs. Yes, instead of trying to pick Encryption increasingly used searching for vulnerabilities. In particularly difficult cases, even a hacker-pros can not deal with protection, but that does not mean that it will not be compromised. In an extreme case of a hacker can buy a single license version, and then based on an analysis of differences in their work gets its way. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out doppler labs. Is it because many of the major software companies in general have ceased to protect their products, preferring instead the protection throw all their energies to improving the most direct program – "why protect if still hacked?". In competent professional protection hacking is so difficult that the time break is comparable with the time write protected program. And there is one interesting point: when the time hacking about comparable to the development of prog, the hacker could theoretically own (and he also has a good programmer) to write a similar prog.

Another thing, if you see that the defense "neprobivaema" and began selling it or installing other software products. mes addresses this issue. Then, even if the study is protected by prog and not particularly interesting to hear her tricks, you can cope with a host of other programs that are protected by this technology. One of the most powerful methods of countering the study – writing your own virtual processor. Then the program will how to run on another processor invented, with which hacker tools will be powerless and will display gibberish.