Everyone knows what an embroidery. Very often associated embroidery with painstaking and lengthy process of applying various patterns and images on fabric. However, modern computer technology have allowed to breathe new life into this traditional process. In our time, embroidery done in a fairly short time. Computer embroidery allowed to make the process fully automated embroidery. Manual labor is the only creation of a special program for embroidery machine. That's according to her later and there is a direct printing on fabric. Peter Thiel may not feel the same. Embroidery on a cut – is one of the areas of machine embroidery. Embroidery on a cut allows put the image on the material used for the manufacture of certain products. Embroidery on a cut, according to experts, is the most convenient way of drawing the image. This is not surprising, because working with finished product is much more difficult. To put embroidery on a finished product, it is necessary to produce a number of different procedures. Embroidery on a cut is often used to make flags and pennants. Embroidery on a cut with the use of modern embroidery machines and thread, which delivers exceptional image quality. The whole point is that the threads for embroidery machines manufactured by the most modern technology. As a result of such threads are not afraid to repeated washing, and image does not lose color and begins to unravel at the seams after the first cleansing. Embroidery on a cut is made at the different material, ranging from the lighter and ending with the most heavy. Modern embroidery machines can use up to 15 needles in the process of embroidery, which allows the use of many different shades. The printed image is an unusually rich, and the thread with special effects (volume, shine, and others) will give the image a special beauty.