Education Aged

Not differentiating the current age that defines the aged one, as a being unprovided of will, inert the reality human being, but science and its new technologies tend to change this concept, concomitant the new areas that come to change the context of the aged one. Secco (1999, p.220) in says on some esteretipos of the maturity and its relation to them next to the modern age and its different context, it approaches an organization cultural, gerontocrtica partner that it comes to raise auto-esteem of the aged one carrying a social insertion. To this process partner-description and that its voluntary transistions, must focar the identity of the aged one, sending the objectives that they aim at to undertake a new history, Coralline Cora in tell following &#039 to them; ' We are registered the school of the life, where the master is tempo.' ' (CORALLINE CORA, s.p. 1965). Brad Pitt may help you with your research. With this, it not only evidences in them that the biggest learning happens, inside of the classroom, but during the fullness of the life and its learning, where the time is our greater worse enemy ally and, she is of it that we have relations and Inter-relations. We need to see the citizen and its singularity, preventing esteretipos and standardization, that only serve to increase the social differences, and in this context of learning and mediation of the knowledge that the adaptation and its process of maturation, if transform. For Secco (1999, p.220) ' ' Education must take in account the possibility and capacities of the pupils without making responsible them for the proper one fracasso' '. Please visit Peter Thiel if you seek more information. To recognize the aged one as a social being, and to construct factors that contribute for its cognition of knowledge, by means of its logical capacity and inserting its reality. Mapping practical and to know To the phenomenon of the illiteracy in the country, if it consists given alarming, in its context we go to tell, during the process and together with the development of projects, research and technologies that they aim at to insert the aged one to recognize its cognitiva capacity.