Economic Metrics

Do you know because most of the people fails to use Google Adwords? By ignorance of the metrics, techniques and strategy in the use of the tool for that is that we miss and lose money. Google adwords on their promotions makes things easy to see and shows you how to do advertising, but does not tell him clearly as arming its strategy to take advantage of adwords. You will surely hear talk of pay per click, conversions, registration and a number of terms that are basic, but never speak of what are the metrics to get the benefit of the power that google adwords has. The metrics are as follows: 1 – to create ads: these must meet three objectives, persuading the click, seduce and directing. POINT. Learn more at: technology investor. 2.

The landing page: it must fulfil an essential objective: convert the greatest number of visitors into prospects in the shortest possible time. 3 To test ads and landing pages: you always have to bid for relevance, remember that adwords rewards him when you are relevant. Between persuasive and seductive is its announcement more click You will need, but you must have in mind that between more clicks and more conversions have much cheaper will be the cost per click. Be aware of everything that happens with google adwords and business is essential, hope it is helpful each of these tips. Cordial greeting. Emer Figueroa Director of Piensaygana.