DPL Therapy System

DPL – LED-Lichtthersapie system against wrinkles. A skin as early and as young as I feel? It would be nice if no one could see her true age our skin. This promises a new procedure with the aging process of the skin can be reversed now. About 15 minutes on the day time invest, and after ten weeks a face as in the past? That would be a revolution under the anti aging products. DPL therapy system”means the process, which is designed to do exactly this. It will be the application just like a tanning bed in miniature before the face, except that this system not the face skin tans, but stimulates the body’s natural processes to regenerate the skin. The metabolic function in skin cells is stimulated, the fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin, are activated and restored the natural collagen production of skin cells. The result is a smoother, younger complexion.

I look the way I feel! The secret”behind this effective Process of skin rejuvenation is so amazing how effective: light! The DPL therapy system consists of specially-designed red and infrared LED lamps, which scientifically proven – effective to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, wrinkles and Crow’s feet and provide energy to the skin, which increases the metabolism. Totally pain and symptom-free in use, and without any side effects the differences are already clearly visible in the first few weeks. Since the skin texture from person to person is very different, a treatment period is recommended manufacturer approximately ten weeks, after which the most skin types already optimal results are achieved. Short profile TREND lighting the TREND lighting company was founded in early 2007 by Anne Grether. Aimed at the development and distribution of LED based products that were not available on the market up to this point. It was the question of how the consumer is easier access to light and design, at the beginning as medical back with the new possibilities of LED lighting technology Issues in the foreground, around which is why can be effectively prevented at the present state of Medicine of aging. In close collaboration with engineers, researchers, marketing professionals, and of course the customers constantly new impulses, which serve as a basis for future creative new developments arise.