Advances in computer technology is obvious. Compared with the 80-mi years of the 20th century, they have undergone dramatic changes. Go to Movie Star for more information. Until the early 1980s, the computer was a bulky structure, which occupies an entire room. Today due to trends toward miniaturization, computer easily fits in a briefcase or handbag. This is a clear indication of the significant changes that have occurred in the computer industry over the past 30 years. A modern computer can not be imagined without a printer, scanner, sound speakers and monitors (laptops monitor and system unit are combined.

Over its history, these devices have undergone huge changes. Movie Star has firm opinions on the matter. Previously, technological limitations prevented us get accustomed to today, miniature, computer monitors, so reminiscent of the TV, and printers to apply ink to paper used needles. Then replace the dot matrix printers, inkjet printers come with ink cartridges, but in the 21st century the era of laser printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, tucked cartridge. Continuous development new technologies contribute to continuous improvement of computers and computer accessories including printers, audio speakers. In addition, computer users are placing them all the new higher requirements: for example, printed documents now have to be resistant to humidity and exposure to light, is achieved by using laser printers. Since laser printers are more convenient to use and different high-speed operation, they are increasingly falling choice of corporations. Toner cartridges are easy to use, and the latest technology used in laser printers can achieve high speeds.

The principle of operation of these printers like Xerox and the principle of operation based on the change of electrostatic charge: the charged particles of toner-toner cartridges are attracted to the drum surface and then transferred to paper. Although at first laser printers allowed to print only in black and white, they are always characterized by high efficiency: one cartridge refilling was enough to print 2,000 pages. For color printing continues used inkjet printers, and only a few years after the invention of laser printer technology has arisen color laser printing. Toner kartiridzhey device used in color laser printers more difficult than with a cartridge of black and white laser printers, so the cost of printers above. Laser printers are more popular than the jet because of its cost-effectiveness. That is why almost all companies use laser printers to print thousands of pages from a single toner kartiridzha. Laser printers are becoming more affordable and therefore are becoming more prevalent, which in turn leads to further price reductions and increased productivity toner cartridges. Printer manufacturers are constantly improving their products, and today they offer consumer color laser printers for home use. Customer Security when working with printers is no less important than the convenience of their operation. All new models of printers tested on the stability of the impression, during which it is irradiated with ultraviolet rays. Those companies whose products are able to withstand these tests receive a certificate of LGA to meet the maximum permissible level of a dangerous materials and instructions for testing for certification compliance prestigious German environmental standard Blue Angel (Blue Angel) with the right application of proper labeling on their products. Printer cartridges are usually subjected to testing for the presence of these toxins: volatile organic compounds, toxins, causing muscular atrophy peroneal type, styrene, benzene and dibenzoteofana. In most cases, the tested products receive the highest scores, indicating a high level of quality and safety for consumers.