Communication Systems

These include networks of wireless telephony and cable, TV cable, radio, satellite and Internet systems and open. For example, in an emergency, we must be able to dial a number to make sure that our relatives are safe and sound, and turn on our televisions or radios for the latest news and important updates. What regulates the telecommunication companies in cases of emergency, if your title of grant and who is responsible for overseeing what is Cofetel, is clear that Cofetel should be the authority responsible for issuing rules and establish the missing elements to make this participation effective and timely. You must also make sure that emergency services providing dealers are more robust than even their own public networks, so they’re not break if the network fails. COFETEL should start by having a unit specializing in civil protection, which regulate and coordinate efforts in cases of emergency. This must contemplate both emergencies individual, you may have any citizen, as the generals that occur with hurricanes and earthquakes. Emergencies will continue and sometimes it seems outrageous to think that Mexicans must internalize the fact that a hurricane will leave us incommunicado. On the contrary, telecommunications should be strengthened in such a way that at least emergency services prevail in the case of any type of emergency.

Mexico must have emergency services of first world with the support of the telecommunications companies, which help a reaction more timely and effectively, to react to situations as presented by Hurricane Alex, but also situations of everyday life such as medical emergencies and public safety. Dealers are obliged to implement it, missing the guidelines and strategic coordination by Cofetel. Telecommunications are a great tool and Cofetel should not be limited to assigning special numbers (060, 080) to support emergency agencies.