Card Designer

He is already found in numerous magazines, posters and information sheets: the QR code. This code in the form of a small square allows a bar code, additional information about advanced texts, Web addresses as vCards in encrypted form, similar to viewing. This skilful and safe form of information exchange in Japan has been developed and is also in Germany of increasing popularity. To decrypt a QR code, only a mobile phone camera and the corresponding app are necessary. Like the abbreviation QR”for quick response suggests, can this in just a few clicks the respective information directly obtained are an annoying typing is no longer required. The online shop now for wedding cards provide this handy feature.

The map editor is the option to add a further communication to the invited guests in the form of an encrypted code in the invitation cards to the wedding. Under Tools”he finds Card Designer options for inserting a QR code. Here, the size and the function can be determined independently. To the bride and groom submitts the possibility of a simple message to wedding guests, called the motto of the wedding with the appropriate dress code in, for example, or information about the exact times for the civil and religious marriage ceremony is given. By choosing the option text”, any information can be entered. When typing an Internet address, the card recipient at the scanning of the QR code directly reaches the corresponding Web page. This is useful especially, if you want to inform guests about the directions or would like to point out a digital wedding table. This, the QR code appears a far more elegant solution on the wedding cards as a proverbial URL.

The couple has mounted a QR codes also equal opportunity, to ask the guests in the form of an SMS or an E-Mail to feedback. According to the Deciphering the code the guest is automatically redirected to the corresponding function. He can answer for example directly using a SMS, the phone number is already registered in the receiver bar. The same applies to an answer by E-Mail. Quickly and easily the guests can tell the bride and groom his coming and thus ensure a smooth wedding planning. To keep open the possibility of the wedding guests, how he would respond to, one can append simply vCard to the code, an electronic business card with all details of the bride and groom. They can be stored without any problems on the phone.