Bluetooth Protocol

Bluetooth technology is used today in all new models of mobile gadgets – smartphones, mobile phones and laptops. But few ordinary mobile users thinks about security issues data to your gadget, and on issues of security holes that protocol. Because of its huge prevalence protocol Bluetoth long the focus of certain circles of hackers who are constantly analyzed and found to technology different vulnerabilities. Vulnerability in Bluetoth can be critical or noncritical. Not a critical vulnerability in the protocol means that there is an error, but the mobile phone but not in danger of breaking. So far, because practical solutions for various security vulnerabilities are constantly growing.

Critical vulnerability allows an attacker to gain control over your mobile phone. This means that an attacker could copy all contact information, read the SMS on your phone or send a SMS to the number. Nothing useful to the owner of a mobile in it. Why did the protocol Bluetooth is so vulnerable? Obviously because the developers protocol – Scandinavians. People are slightly tormozhnutye and law-abiding, they do not take into account how inquisitive mind from other nations and did not expect that their technology immediately falls under the sharp knife of hackers. Protocol Bluetoth originally had a mass vulnerabilities, and with time the danger of this protocol is only growing.

Members even have classified the attack on Bluetoth – devices – bluesnarfing, bluetracking and bluebugging. Bluebuging, let intercepts control over the mobile phone and remote dial in him the number. It is clear that the consequences of such possibilities are limited only by imagination hacker – simply by listening to the call (if a hacker got your number) to call for a paid number.