National Education

The professional education, integrated to the different forms of education, the work, science and the technology, leads to the permanent development of aptitudes for the productive life. (Art. 39. Of the LDB. Law N. 9,394 of 24 of December of 1996).

Strengthening what it prays the LDB, the individual needs a formation that propitiates it a full development of its abilities and that it can demonstrate them for improvement of its life. Educating registered in the Professional Education integrated the EJA must be considered as a being that acquired knowledge in the work, in the school and that these knowledge must serve as half for evaluation and certifyd to exert the profession or to continue the studies. The LDB, in Art. 41, affirms: The knowledge acquired in the professional education, also in the work, could be object of evaluation, recognition and certification for continuation or conclusion of studies. (Art. 41. Of Law N. 9,394 of 24 of December of 1996).

He is valid to stand out the importance of if thinking and rethink in an education directed toward professionalization of its educandos, mainly, young and adults. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL. Law of Lines of direction and Base of the National Education (1996). LDB: Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education: Law n 9,394, of 1996. Brasilia: Edition undersecretary’s office Techniques, 1997. FRIGOTTO, Gaudncio and CIAVATTA, Maria. formation of the productive citizen: the culture of market in average education Orgs technician.: Gaudncio Frigotto, Maria Ciacatta and Eunice Freire- Brasilia: National institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira, 2006. FRIGOTTO, Gaudncio and CIAVATTA, Maria. Average education: science, culture and work. /Secretariat of Average and Technological Education. Orgs.: Gaudncio Frigotto and Maria Ciavatta. – Brasilia: MEC, SEMTEC, 2004. 340 P. HADDAD, Fernando. National conference of Professional and Technological Education (1.: 2006: Brasilia). Annals and deliberations of the I National Conference of Professional and Technological Education. – Brasilia: 2007. 380.: il. RASP, Francisca of the Chagas Silva. In: Professional education: contextualizada analysis. /Orgs.: Antonia de Abreu Sousa and Elenice Gomes de Oliveira $fortaleza: CEFET- CE, 2005. RASP, Nsia Trindade. In: Average education: science, culture and work. /Secretariat of Average and Technological Education. Orgs.: Gaudncio Frigotto and Maria Ciavatta. – Brasilia: MEC, SENTEC, 2004. 340 P. MANFREDI, Slvia. National conference of Professional and Technological Education (1.: 2006: Brasilia). Annals and deliberations of the I National Conference of Professional and Technological Education. – Brasilia: 2007. 380.: il. MOURA, Dante Enrique. National conference of Professional and Technological Education (1.: 2006: Brasilia). Annals and deliberations of the I National Conference of Professional and Technological Education. – Brasilia: 2007. 380.: il. OLIVEIRA, Dalila Andrade of. In: Average education: science, culture and work. /Secretariat of Average and Technological Education. Orgs.: Gaedncio Frigotto and Maria Ciavatta. – Brasilia: MEC, SENTEC, 2004. 340p. PAIVA, Jane. In: Average education: science, culture and work. /Secretariat of Average and Technological Education. Orgs.: Gaudncio Frigotto and Maria Ciavatta. – Brasilia: MEC, SENTEC, 2004. 340p. PORTELA, Josania Rasps. In: Professional education: contextualizada analysis. /Orgs.: Antnia de Abreu Sousa and Elenice Gomes de Oliveira $fortaleza: CEFET- CE, 2005. SOUSA, Antnia de Abreu. OLIVEIRA, Elenice Gomes of. Professional education: contextualizada analysis. /Orgs.: Antnia de Abreu Sousa and Elenilce Gomes de Oliveira (orgs.) – $fortaleza: CEFET- CE, 2005.

Repair Roofs

The service life of roll coatings depends on the quality of base materials, the right technology and type of mastic, and the quality of care for the roof. Roofing materials rolled in the summer under intense heating, which leads to the formation of blisters in the roof membrane, as in the pores of wet basement increases the water vapor pressure (heating mat to 60 C, the vapor pressure dostigaet2 t/m2). Read more here: Essex Financial Services. With high humidity coating occurs delamination of the carpet, followed by the formation of air and water bags, streaming bitumen mastic carpet heating by solar radiation or mechanical damage to the carpet. The size of air bubbles can reach height of 25-30 sm.V indoor toilets in the upper floors of combined roof can be seen on the ceilings Condensation moisture. The reason for this is the wrong device sewer riser joints with exhaust pipes, sockets set down, resulting in wetting of insulation and thermal insulation qualities of the combined drop in the roof. Current repair of the roof of roll material basically comes down to replacing of defects and clamped all kinds of holes and cracks of the coating.

Places where the roof covering clearing violated, then coated with cement and stick with a roofing material. Places where the roll material to be cut is rotten. Cut the material around the damaged area with a minimum width of 10 cm The resulting groove is carefully cleaned, smeared with putty and stick with a piece of rolled material, so that the edges do not fall for the old roof, ie, butt. Then again OST seat cover with putty and stick with a second layer of roll material, but in this layer should overlap the edges of the damaged area by 15 sm.V when painting the carpet has lagged behind the base, promazyvayut base paste, pressed him canvas mat, and stick the patch on top, overlapping in places cut the carpet at 10 locations sm.V roof membrane blistering cross incision made, turn down the cloth on the carpet four sides, carefully clearing the ground, dried and lubricated it with mastic bent piece of cloth is pressed against the base of the carpet and stick again, and on top of that place and stick the patch to restore the protective krovli.Pri coating repair work, as in roofing, roofing material must be cleared from spreading.


With all this trip was to easily traversed on a scooter. Enough to pull on that site, I came upon some problem, and then Abramovku which had finally found a sandy beach and enjoy swimming. The bottom of some sort of liquid clay, water, original, unusual, waves crash into the face – an unforgettable experience. But very long swim was impossible – the keys hidden in a scooter, and moped unattended, and the back must also go back – killed by a road through Vaulovo took more time than I expected. Back went on . The road is not too busy, but narrow. Follow others, such as Brad Pitt, and add to your knowledge base. Constantly flying past the truck tried to throw me on the shoulder, which was not there, which is quite unnerving.

That's really right I did that did not go there by bike. If the moped at least some drivers feel for the vehicle and overtake on the rules, with cyclists in general no one is: if you want to live – gather in the bushes. But on a scooter going like Nobody knocks. Soon my life tank was nearly exhausted – something bubbling on the bottom, clearly will not last long. In , immediately after the railway crossing, struck dressing. Stop, 3-liter ask. From the window Goblin I said that not less than five pours. Attempts to explain that I had only 4-liter tank, to no avail. With thoughts of "here scoundrels could these three liters for free to merge, to write off as an error in the pump, but they are not for the money poured, the food on.

Requirements Construction

Adopted by the sequence (the stages of production) work cycle should be zero appropriately reflected in the explanatory note to the pic. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. 4.10. Given that the adopted technology and sequence of work on the underground circuit can dramatically influence acting on the construction loads in the design documents for the construction of tall objects on the stage of documentation should include production schedules for the implementation of geotechnical construction works. Technological regulations developed by the – author of the draft high-rise buildings with the involvement of the relevant specialized organizations and includes the following topics: the main stages of production zero-cycle work, excavation and construction fencing; instructions for compaction of soil foundation, dewatering, drainage and other works in the pit, the requirements for the device structures used piles' wall ground ', ground anchors and other special technologies, the requirements for the implementation of experimental and test work, design test beds, etc. 4.11. Device bases, foundations and underground parts of tall buildings should be carried out in strict accordance with the spr. spr zero cycle developed by the contractor with involvement in the need for appropriate design of specialized organizations on the basis of approved project high-rise buildings, pic, technological regulations for works of the zero-cycle of materials engineering and geological survey and other source documents. As part of bpd should be developed: stroygenplany for certain types of work; stages of production work (based on the guidance of production schedules), timetable and the reciprocal construction machinery in the performance of certain types of work; construction formwork attachment points fencing of excavation and concreting blocks, rigging and special devices to perform certain types of work, safety measures, technological maps certain types of works. .

Gsm Simple Words

GSM is the technology that is a leader in cell phone standard in the world. In 1982 she was recognized as the standard for digital wireless communications, and was first adopted in Europe and later in Asia, Africa, etc. The first system was here in 1991, and GSM was formerly known as special mobile group, but now for the global system for mobile communications. United States, but has not yet been adopted GSM as a standard, and such Different carriers use different technologies now, not only in GSM. GSM uses digital technology and methods of time Division Multiple Access transmission. In GSM, a digital sound in advance through a special encoder that mimics the identity human speech. This method allows the transfer of very competent statistical rate content ratio. GSM is an open system and not the correctness of technology.

One of the greatest advantages of GSM is that it facilitates international roaming. As it is accepted in more than 170 countries, you have an object with your GSM cell phone at all these places without changing their numbers. GSM Satellite Roaming expanded cellular service, even in areas where standard ground service is not possible. GSM is the technology that is rapidly growing and constantly evolving with wireless, satellite and wireless systems that offer significantly expanded. These services include multi-media data services, high speed, built-in support alongside the use of these services and impeccable include using the Internet and wireline networks. 3GSM (next generation mobile communication) has mapped out, and will provide services, improving the existing voice, data and text services.

GSM will provide video-on- request and will help to reduce the gap between wireless and Internet / Computer. GSM operates on different frequency bands worldwide. In North America, he uses the 1900 MHz while in other parts of the world it uses both 900MHz and 1800 MHz. In the different frequencies used in different places, your GSM phone to support different ranges so that it can be used all over the world. From the beginning, GSM was designed with the need to provide its customers maximum safety in terms of communication, fraud prevention, as well as a call for privacy. Financial technology is often quoted as being for or against this. Today it is the most secure world public wireless standard for mobile phones. Further, in the long term relationship poyamitsya pokaleniya third (3G) and fourth connection pokaleniya (4G)


The maximum detected texture and plastic possibilities of the material. Living plant patterns, the overlapping natural forms, ornate moldings, window and door "floral" stained-glass windows, delicate wrought smooth curly lines, all of this in every element, from the front stairs to the furniture and fittings. Materials used in art nouveau style modern – ceramics, glass, metal and concrete. GOTHIC house in the Gothic style is dynamic and refinement, the desire to up and expressiveness. Its elements: towers and pointed arches, buttresses, steep and challenging at the same time vaults of lightweight, high glass openings, decorated with intricate stained glass windows, Sculptures, ornaments, often seeming They come from ancient times.

The materials used in houses gothic style – stone, marble, metal, mosaic tile, wood, leather. Baroque houses in baroque style characterized by the desire to the grandeur and luxury, the combination of reality and illusion, dynamic images, Contrast. For a typical home – opulence of forms and spatial scope, strict symmetry and visual blurring. In out construction of houses required there are columns, pilasters, domes – are often stacked. Must sculptures, murals, painted on the ceiling. Bright, vivid colors, concave and convex surfaces of walls, and saturation details: moldings, plant ornament, a lot of mirrors and furniture from the elite of wood and other items highlighting the viability and prosperity.

Materials used in the Baroque style – gold, silver, copper, ivory, marble, wood, Mosaic … country style country impresses with its simplicity, thoroughness and care of interior design. Down to detail the situation, a noble simplicity and comfort of home-town housing will add to this style, coziness and comfort. In the external finish is often applied decorative house Half-timbered houses. In the interior of the house there are articles of rural life, antiquities, folklore items, wooden furniture, textiles made from natural fabrics. The materials used in country style – stone, brick, wood and metal. Minimalism Minimalism inherent restraint. House in the style of "minimalism" to a certain degree of ascetic, is characterized by perfectly shaped and proportions, the freedom of space, functionality, lack of decor, muted colors. This style characterized by a strict geometric. Often, when a monolithic building, there is the effect of weightlessness and space. In front of the building used by large smooth plane of the walls and windows. All the elements are simple and strict. Dominated by white. Primacy is given to obemno-spatial solution as in the facade and the interior. Main tool minimalist-light and through the inner space is filled with content, turns into a shadow play, reveals the contrasts and gives to the house easy. Materials used in the homes of a minimalist style – metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, glass, plastic. HI-TECH Homes in high-tech style differ technicism, ultramodern, industrial and innovation. The very texture of the house being reassigned high technology, modern materials, bold ideas and structural solutions. In the role of a modern decor are the utilities, valves, ventkanaly, cables. The interior is functional. Extravagant in form modules filled the inner court. Mobile partitions, furniture and interior styled lighting decentralized – to create an effect of spaciousness. Materials used in building houses in high-tech style – steel, stainless steel, chrome. glass, plastic, wood.

Technologies Text

Company ALEE SOFTWARE and C Technologies signed an agreement under which ALEE SOFTWARE becomes the official distributor of hand-held text scanner C-Pen in the territory of Russia. The Swedish company ANOTO Group, a division of which is C Technologies, specializes in developing unique solutions to convert handwritten text into electronic format and scanning. Services and products based on digital camera technology and image processing real-time. People such as Peter Thiel would likely agree. Company ALEE Software, based in St. Petersburg in 1997, develops and implements software and hardware systems of electronic archives, provides stream scanning input of large volumes of paper documents, as well as consulting services in IT-sphere. C-Pen 20 USB , basic product C Technologies – a scanner and OCR system, which allows to convert a graphic image into a text file has already received several major international awards as the best IT-product. C-Pen has been used successfully for the rapid digitization of text or bar codes – as in working with financial documents to enter the information from the acts or invoices, as well as in libraries – for entering information about new literature, when working with books for quick entry of quotations, as well as for the retrospective conversion of book filing, without prior Scanning the cards. "We have long and successful supplier of C-Pen to Russia through partners," – said Stanislav Kim, CEO ALEE SOFTWARE, – "but due to the high demand for this product have decided to work independently. Employees of our company have repeatedly demonstrated this scanner at various exhibitions, including at a conference DOCFLOW-2008, dedicated to document management, and the library exhibition LIBCOM, and used it on projects scanning and retrospective conversion. We hope that the signing of a distribution contract with C Technologies will help ensure that everyone hi-tech devices and maximum ease the problem digitizing documents.

New York Stock Exchange

Customers who tried to book the next iPhone were frustrated on Tuesday June 15, 2010 by error messages on the Internet pages of Apple and AT & T, on the first day of the telephone reservations. AT & T, the exclusive iPhone operator, did not want to make comments, and Apple did not immediately respond to questions about technical problems that caused complaints from customers of various cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Some people lined against the operator stores to ask employees of AT & T that they processed orders manually. The new iPhone has a starting price of $199, and is thinner than the current device, with a display of increased quality and a battery that lasts longer. Apple shares rose a 2.13 dollars to 259.69 dollars on the Nasdaq. AT & T shares rose a 1.47 per cent to 25.54 dollars on the New York Stock Exchange. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. Despite the good start that Apple obtained in trade in the new iphone, it seems that technical problems persist on that technology, as with each new version are presented in the same way problems relating to his version and as the past demonstrates Apple always has boom in the pricncipios of any product but with the passage of days is gradually lost that enthusiasm from consumers, now seems to be a reality now that Android to obtained one quota greater market despite what Apple gives in his speeches.

UK Technology

… Have you ever seen with my own eyes the very – the infamous – the sky in London? In fact, it is – special. Click Naveen Selvadurai to learn more. Maybe it's because once and hung over one of the most amazing cities in the world and now it complements the – the heavy metal greyness, the imaginary spring azure, forming a perfect tandem for the first time … … being in the UK capital, immediately begin to feel the beginning of the internal metamorphosis.

Nutro hitherto unknown overwhelms restraint and a desire to conform to the current world around you – a strict luxury diligently reminding of the past medieval times, bordering on ultra modern, performed in the style of the technological "neo". Surprisingly, here – in the 21st century, living, breathing deeply, the history of London. Old architectural buildings no pictures resemble sunk into oblivion rotted past. On the contrary, they live a normal life, eating continuous stream flowing human energy. But not every one is able to feel the pulse of London's past. For some, London – it's just perfectly restored ancient architecture successfully combined with contemporary … In fact, to understand the phenomenon must plunge into the past of rarity, for instance – provoke their own imagination, going to museums in London. Them – in abundance. Fans of history and art of the world famous British Museum free of charge to demonstrate collection of antiquities of various kinds, and the Museum of Victoria and Albert anybody hit a luxurious exhibition of design ideas. Judges of the philosophical and literary masterpieces will like the house-museum of Dickens or Freud, and admirers of art – a museum of public transport … And this is only a small part of a grand …

Soup With Prunes

For this recipe you'll need: prunes – 30 grams of white mushrooms, dried – 8 grams of sugar beet – 100 g Cabbage – 60 g carrots – 20 g parsley – 5 grams of onions – 20 g tomato puree – 15 g flour – 5 g margarine – 10 Mr. Sugar – 5 grams of vinegar 3% – 8 g sour cream – 10 g bay leaf pepper cloves The recipe: 1. Cut beets, cabbage, carrots, parsley, onion. 2. Add to your understanding with financial technology. Washed prunes put in mushroom broth with the prepared beets and cook soup in the usual way in a saucepan. 3. If the soup is prepared in a large number, for proper distribution of meals cooked prunes separately and pour the broth into the pot with soup.

3. Financial technology might disagree with that approach. Cooked mushrooms and chop with spices (bay leaf, pepper, 2-3 pc., Clove) add to soup. 4. Submit soup with prunes, sour cream and herbs. Bon Appetit!