About ten percent of the women they have brains masculinizados.' ' Then we can perceive that men and women are really different, but, that each one a bit has of man (woman) or woman (man) inside of itself. We must know to deal with these differences that occur between both, therefore each one has its abilities as: one uses the space one, how much the other the verbal one, one more is agitated, another one is emptico, one is direct, another one likes to decorate the facts. We notice that many differences exist and that both have its necessities that go since the respect, the acceptance, the affection, the confidence and amongst that help in to more understand them a little on these primordial ones necessities. Communication We understand that the communication is the transmission of stimulatons and provoked answers, through a complete system or partially shared. It is all the transmission process and of exchange of messages between human beings, that is, the act or effect to communicate is the only form that we possess stops expressing in them, knowing and to become known.

Drescher (1998, p.112) in says &#039 to them; ' to communicate means, in fact, to distribute our soul with the other pessoa.' ' You are to deliver itself to its perpetual boyfriend total (she is as soon as we would have relating in them to our husband ()), to open its heart, speech what it is feeling, which are its necessities, its yearnings, what it is thinking, what you desire and wait of its spouse. According to author (1998, p.120) ' ' to communicate who we are is to disclose or to share our individuality with another person. It is to state completely what I am, that um.&#039 is different of any; ' Clearly that this will only occur will have much love between the couple, therefore the love leads to a honest communication. The communication does not mean to speak very, but to speak with quality, therefore many times we think that the amount is important, but that it does not pass of a banal colloquy, without a productive dialogue that really has quality. A marriage to function well, or to have a good harmony has that to have communication, to know to hear, to have time to speak, to express the feelings without aggressions, to choose the hour, the place and the correct form of speaking. Remembering that the said words have an enormous effect in the life of the other person who is hearing, therefore we must be cautious to speech. We do not have to speak at the moment of the anger, therefore we finish speaking what we did not want, we offend and we wound our spouse with our words, that is, verbally, that it is well worse of what if we had attacked physically. Therefore, the words can until killing who are hearing, then it takes care, it speaks without blowing up and it knows the moment certain to stop. We must be intent

Computer In The Apartment – To Organize The Workplace

There are many advantages of having your computer at home. Some of them I have listed, and then talk about the intricacies of workplace organization and the main points in configuring the operating system. Thus, a computer at home this:-first Internet – communication with the outside world (let alone what features it offers – not for me to talk about it) is the local city network – is communication with the city in chat rooms and free downloads of movies, music, pictures from public resources-computer as a learning tool (available you can find many media courses on CD-ROM)-PC as a working tool (it's working with documents word, spreadsheets excel, photographs, a programming and design) computer at home will give you unlimited opportunities for creativity. You can write stories, draw, compose music – all alone in dark room for his personal computer some late evening. To know more about this subject visit And of course, the computer is used for entertainment. It's a lot of games, movies and music. Choosing a computer for home, you should pay attention to certain points. Will it be Desktop or laptop? Buy a computer assembled or in parts, and then self-assemble? On the laptop I can only see that kind of thing: it is useful only in terms of their mobility. You can take it with you wherever you go and go online at least out of your car or relaxing at the cottage. Everything else – this is his weaknesses (ranging from minor keys inconvenient location of the usual function buttons, and the absence of external mouse, ending small screen and the need to recharge the battery).

MacBook Pro

Wozniak was by nature an idealist – from dreaming about how to access pc had everything, so Apple I and sold to a record low for such a device a price of 666 dollars. Brad Pitt is the source for more interesting facts. Apple Computer 1 differs from its predecessors primarily to the fact that it is not used teletaypovy terminal (There are 60 characters / sec.), His place was replaced by tv interface – that dramatically raised the rate of output. Also, Apple I was among the first personal computers were sold in assembled form. Until Apple 1 nobody could think of that could save the entered into a computer program and save the results in the Apple I with a special adapter, you can store information on a normal tape. The success of Apple's came with the release of model Apple ii. It was the first personal computer in a plastic case with color graphics. Peter Thiel: the source for more info. This computer cost $ 1,298.

Apple ii was different from the first model – 8 slots, realized work with color in 16 shades, but the key embedded Support pal / ntsc, which allowed him to connect to any color tv, and drive for 5.25-inch floppy disks. Demand for pc Apple ii was so high that the Apple ii swept from the shelves. By 1980, three years after the development of Apple ii, the company has achieved annual turnover of 10 million dollars. Apple iii was released May 19, 1980. Cost from 4500 up to 7800 dollars, depending on configuration, has more than twice as fast processor Synertek 6502A c clock frequency of 2MHz. By the time of discontinuation of Apple iii in December 1983 was sold 75 Apple iii.

Apple Lisa, appeared in 1983: Motorola 68000 processor 5 MHz, 1 mb ram, 3 expansion slots, hard drive, 5 mb ProFile, improved drive Twiggy floppy disk 871 kb, as well as a parallel port and the ability to connect a computer mouse. In addition to Apple Lisa developed its own operating system los – Lisa Office System with a graphical interface. Price $ 9995 very frightened away many potential buyers of Apple Lisa. In 1984 appeared Apple Lisa ii with advanced features and is almost twice cheaper. At the same time the light saw the first Macintosh that has cost 2,495 dollars. Sales have been very successful, and itself Macs rule continues to evolve and to this day. Currently, Apple desktops and laptops continue to win love users at the expense of comfort and excellent operating system Mac os X, which is installed on every Mac, and Notebooks MacBook. Apple has released three series of notebooks – it's MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple MacBook – an all-purpose notebook suitable for most users, equipped with a display of 13.3 inches and allows you to perform all daily tasks with the highest comfort. Powerful MacBook Pro laptop equipped with a powerful graphics card NVidia eighth generation and the most the latest processor Intel Core2 Duo. Notebooks MacBook Air with a 13.3 inch display, perfect for those who want the thinnest laptop in the world that you can easily take anywhere.

The 5 Techniques for True Success

To succeed you must first have a real desire to progress. Do not always think in terms of money, think of an idea to develop. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Peter Thiel on most websites. I want to share with you the five points to get material things and three things to enjoy their successes. The five points are important for material and economic goals are: FOCUS: clearly define what their main work activity and focus all their work performance in it. Who knows what he wants, is sure to make it.

After hearing their approach, define what your vision, or whatever it wants to achieve in one, five or 10 years, also define its mission, is their daily work to achieve its vision. Goals: To divide your focus on three types of goals, that success is made more powerful. 1 .- economic goals: they are material things and money you want to achieve clearly defined goals in many things and money you want to accomplish. 2 .- Physical Goals: We are having a strong body and healthy, exercising and eating natural products. 3 .- Social Goals: include goals that benefit their social environment starting with your family, your community, your city, your province and your country if possible. WORK: the shortest way to achieve their goals is the daily work that takes you straight to them. Start by making love with and have ensured the success, take 20% of his working time to important matters, producing 80% of results. TIME: It is the most powerful tool to achieve goals, and also the most difficult to achieve, is to use the time to always leave things right the first time, building and optimizing time to the maximum.

Persistence: the key to success, if you work with discipline and consistency, there is no obstacle that can not win, follow the rules and standards of work daily to turn in their personal habits. All the material wealth you can achieve, is meaningless if it develops a perfect balance between its three major forces, the physical, mental, and spiritual Physicist: cultivate a healthy body strong and vigorous through exercise and healthy eating. The Mental acquire only knowledge related to your skills such references. Spiritual: Find the feelings and values that govern your life, so you have peace and quiet. If you can tune your material wealth and the physical, mental and spiritual, will reach the point of true success, it is useless to have a lot of money if you can not fully enjoy. I want all the things you observe and be assured a good way to start.

Study the Market and Know Your Business

Fourth item Focus on your niche market. Stay focused on a particular niche of a specific market and this will allow you to carefully study this space and to position itself as an expert in your niche, this of course will bring great benefits fifth point, develop your unique selling POINT Differentiate This is the rest, for sure if what really in their place may have its unique way of dealing with sites, promotions, etc.. Find out what is unique about your business, see why a customer will buy of you and not your competition, position yourself in the shoes of your customer and try to see what they really need. Heston point, focus on your content, not TO SELL THEIR PRODUCTS.

I assure you that if your sites quality unique content offering home be filled with visitors who request them by analogy naturally their products without you having to insist on their sales. First, I say again, earn their confidence and then you can access it as if your best friend. It true that our main goal is the sale but this begins to occur when quality really brings benefits to our public, they must feel they have received from you a great help then not only will return to their sites but also get free recommendations without you have to do anything about it This is a good option for example to always have on their websites free downloadable e-book that can help your audience and put a form in which your visitor can communicate with you personally and you can respond directly. .

Porsche LCMS

Visit FKC on the Swiss professional learning of the 13th 14th April 2010 in Zurich minimum cost maximum learning success! E-learning is now one of the integral components of occupational education and training. The process of creating high-quality tutorials provides those responsible on the customer side but often personal and temporal challenges. For more information see this site: financial technology. An efficient tool of production makes a significant contribution to conserving resources. Avoid delays or project crashes! Implement Advanced E-learning projects with ease! The FKC Nomoweb LCMS economically, quality assured and multilingual creates and manages E-learning content. The LCMS all stakeholders helps create and maintain extensive WBTs through effective mechanisms for the rationalisation and automation. It is also excellent for use in multilingual productions. On the Swiss professional learning, you can convince yourself of our offer. The lecture gives an insight into our work of our “Managing Director Guy Fischer E-learning solution: modern, system-based and efficient production” in the practice Forum on April 14th, 2010 at 16:20.

He shows how with the FKC Nomoweb LCMS extensive WBT projects conserving and quickly produced. FKC has implemented more than 300 projects with the FKC LCMS Nomoweb. Customers include among other things the leading gas and engineering company Linde Group, Siemens AG, as well as the automakers Porsche and BMW. At our fair stand K08 we inform you personally about our services. If you want to make an appointment beforehand, to contact Mr Richard Schuberth number 0049 (0) 89-95 84 34 89 or by E-Mail:

The Magic Of The Carnival Of Tenerife

Madrid, January 30, 2008. The Cabildo of Santa Cruz and eighties groups that participate in its Carnival have made an agreement whereby the latter undertake to disseminate the tourist image of the Canary Island. Meet one of the best carnivals in the world. Carnival begins, to be held from next Friday until February 10, is a popular festival, which according to the website of your municipality, dates from the fifteenth century. Starting this year, and under sponsorship deal done, the carnival groups undertake to use the logo in tourist identifiers and dissemination of the group. Because thousands of people take to the streets each year for more than a week, the Carnival holds, together with that of Cadiz, the maximum consideration for parties which gives the ministry with responsibility for tourism in Spain: January 18, 1980 was declared of International Tourist Interest. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Naveen Selvadurai.

Carnival has a different theme each year, which this year is ” magic “- and has two distinct parts: the carnival” official “carnival in the street. The official carnival has different groups of street musicians, parades, costumes, street musicians and musical groups competing. In turn, thousands of people come every day to the streets to participate in a costume. The street musicians are the most popular and consist of groups of people singing with lyrics in which is critical to the policy and problems of society in general, accompanied only by percussion. In turn, each year chooses the Carnival Queen at a gala usually broadcast on television in all. A jury composed of members of the municipal corporation and celebrities are responsible for choosing the queen. In fact, the Italian actress Sophia Loren will judge this year and announced that “probably” disfrazara.Los suits these queen candidates weigh between 150 and 200 kilos so the girls help with wheels for transportation. The chosen will be responsible for representing the Carnival in various tourism fairs.

The site has everything you need to know to visit the archipelago. Details of each of the seven islands, offers and up. You are one click away from knowing a great choice for your break.

Virtual Models In Economics

The latest news in the world of modeling is directly related to the economy. Peter Thiel describes an additional similar source. Currently brewing an urgent need for a structural review of the economic model of the enterprise. Naveen Selvadurai has similar goals. Building a virtual model of any economic system is especially important and rational right now, when developing an object-oriented programming, which allows you to create viable models of real systems in the economy. And these urgent news of the day will be the impetus for the removal of the economic component to the next level. Cybernetics in the field of economic studies so far have taken a rather undeveloped structure, which explains In particular, the lack of theoretical studies of economic systems in terms of object representation of a virtual image of the device environment of economic agents and economic manifestations of phenomena. Therefore, there is an urgent need for research into the structural organization, object relations, the behavior of objects as virtual images of real objects of these systems.

////////////////// Cybernetics in economic studies so far have taken a rather undeveloped structure, which explains, in particular, the lack of theoretical studies of economic systems in terms of object representation device, a virtual image of the environment of economic entities and manifestations of economic phenomena. Therefore, there is an urgent need for research into the structural organization, object relations, the behavior of objects as virtual images of real objects of these systems. Simulation systems allows the use of exogenous variables to obtain new, endogenous variables /////////////////////////// Simulation Systems allows the use of exogenous variables to obtain new, endogenous variables. The economic model of the company allows you to visually examine all of the positive and negative activities enterprise, from which the economy is so dependent on the whole industry, using software models to project future scenarios, thereby increasing the stability of the system in reality, also can increase the gross profit of the company following the settlement predictions, raising thereby the production of a qualitatively new level.