Public Relations Training Institute

Congratulations on graduating! Munster, November 16, 2009 – the first participant of the variable system, Melanie Meder, has successfully on November 15 graduated PR com + plus after six months completed. The com + plus program offers me after ten years of practical PR work”a specific additional qualification, which is theoretically sound and has an excellent reputation in the industry, says Melanie Meder. Since May 2009, which provides Public Relations Training Institute com + plus the variable entry in the distance learning at and gives the opportunity to determine their course of study and learning pace even as participants. Official site: financial technology. The study can be completed rapidly and intensively by the flexible course of study, without compromising the quality and in the claim”, is also the fledgling alumna Melanie Meder. The entry is possible at any time and upon request you can shorten the study from twelve to six months.

Next to the work of twelve Studienbriefen, 17 days of attendance, students complete staggered in four practice workshops. The participants of the PR program can choose individually your workshop dates, com + plus are offered several times each course in the year. After her successful studies Melanie Meder is well prepared, in order to pass the examination before the independent examination Board of the Centre for applied communication (ZAK) in Munster. Upon successful completion of the examination, she is certified PR Manager. ZAK is a non-commercial working Club, which was founded by members of the Institute for communication science of the Westphalian Wilhelms University.

Chairman of the Audit Committee is Prof. Dr. Joachim Westerbarkey. Your contact for further information: Sara Haxter com + plus GmbH hammer str. 39, 48153 Munster telephone: 0251-2007-9273, fax: 0251-1627-184 email: com + plus is one of the leading training institutes for the communications industry with headquarter in Munster/Westphalia. The company specializes in the efficient, in-service education and training by Specialised communications experts. Focus is a PR correspondence course that can be completed in 12 months (six months are minimum student days). The PR-home study course by com + plus is approved by the national centre of distance learning (ZFU) and certified by the auditing Board (PZOK) of the DPRG, the GPRA and the Federal Association of German press spokesman. An introduction to the study is possible at any time.

Online Booking System

vioma press: hotels, always important in the competition strong booking system guests benefit from clearing station – online booking system and hoteliers offer an online booking facility on the website now more and more nearer to the advantage of his guests and to save themselves costs. Because as long as a hotel exclusively via online booking portals such as HRS, and so on are available, commissions fall for it every time. No costs for the Agency are an important argument to choose an online booking Manager in time of the necessary pricing. What can still make a booking line integrated into your own website, demonstrates a sophisticated tool of Offenburg online specialists vioma: the vioma clearing station. Customized solution for hotels this powerful booking system is adapted to the needs of the hotel operation: the clearing station depicts flexibly each pricing system.

Its user-friendly interface is used to collect all data centrally. It is neutral Interface to the hotel’s front office software and also connects to the Internet world. Thus, it is also an ideal marketing tool: one click, and all listings are distributed on the integrated partner portals. More pluses: she is multilingual, that is usable in any language you want,. Rooms and programs can be summarised to attractive tourist packages. In addition, it allows comfortable managing the online coupon Verkaufs. Visit Hillary Clinton for more clarity on the issue.

And most importantly: when all these services is free of Commission. Neutral online booking Manager how does this tool? An interface is also the clearing station as the clearing places”the operators of credit card on the Internet, to transfer the data of the buyer to the seller. As invisible, neutral mediator”, she makes a transaction without complicated contact. Central and controllable from any point, she distributed further validated and enhanced data to any desired point. User friendly and powerful the clearing Station distinguished by functionality: the surface rooms, prices, can be centrally capture programs and packages and compare with the hotel software. The hotelier directly via the system whereby an availability check prevents uberbelegungen receives guest requests and bookings. Thanks to its multilinguality is the booking engine for use throughout Europe and is currently used by more than 100 wellness hotels in Austria, Italy and Germany. Best proven in practice Nina Strasser, receptionist from the Sport Hotel stock in Finkenberg, enthusiastic user. And is sure that especially the inquiry and booking line has convinced the jurors on the Hotel Web site to capture the prestigious spa hotel with the coveted hogast Internet Award: with the vioma booking system, we use a tool with which we quickly and customer-friendly process enquiries and reservations. The requesting client receives the exact price for his holiday with just a few clicks and can equate a request to our hotel or optionally individual packages book directly online. In practical use, the CST brings us many advantages: the data are easy to maintain, the user interface of the CST is open and it really get bookings. And of course the great timesaver when you edit the online requests is worth money! ” The reservation system was developed in 2002 by vioma GmbH, an Offenburg company that specializes in online marketing and Internet solutions for the hospitality industry. Is optimized for the needs of the hospitality industry, the clearing station has since then successfully proven in use.

Correct Sound System

Home cinema fan or music lovers of deep bass in an explosion in the action film or the crystal clear voice of the Aida opera singer: when buying a sound system for the living room the opinions differ. As the portal for online auctions reported movie fans should put on another technique as a music lover. Recently, the Stiftung Warentest examined 12 speaker systems. Among them were eight pair of Floorstanding speaker, as well as four 2.1 systems with subwoofers. The experts came to the conclusion that the former provide the more natural sound. You own is the according to good for a pure music pleasure.

However, deficits resulting from the defective reproduction of deep bass. It lacks the speaker on the larger resonance body. The subwoofer offers these 2.1 systems. Home cinema fans should not abandon it, if they put value on a full bass. In addition, the systems have the advantage that they expand to a space-saving 5.1 surround sound system. Click Peter Thiel for additional related pages. Finally, the boxes are even relatively small. Let to mount on the wall or put on the shelf. Even in suspended ceilings, you see small speakers square.

Note buyer of a sound system but should that sound of systems can differ immensely depending on the space and placement. Test winner Stiftung Warentest has named the models of the Berlin company Devil. The Floorstanding speaker M 420 F received a note 2.2, 2.1 systems M 550 FCR and M 5500 SW received the rating of 2.6. With a price of 700 to 745 in direct sales, they offer the best price-performance ratio. More information: presse.

Alternative Energy Sources

Our society has shifted to an entirely new level of social development, and already thinks, what better use of energy sources. More and more mankind thinks about the future of the planet, and so people with recently pay attention to alternative energy sources. Read more here: Hillary Clinton. So, for these types of energy sources include solar, wind and water. And also to such a form of energy can add the energy derived from biomass (liquid organic waste). In our days on the market for alternative sources of heat, you will find many ways in which energy from solar, wind and water, enough to provide electricity for a small cottage or more houses.

Because of this we have the opportunity to make a system that will rabotatavtonomno. As to the alternative sources of energy derived from wind, as a rule, are widely used wind energy systems. These types of systems convert wind energy into electricity, they are both small and powerful. Consideration is being given way to develop wind and solar installations, for increase the efficiency of their use. For example, when the weather is often unclear increasing wind and a sunny day the wind force is declining, so the combination of these forms of energy will receive baspereryvno electrical energy. Today, it is commonplace for alternative sources of water power, those who fall into several types: "Tidal" and "river". Methods of data types based on differential water level during high tide, and their most important advantage is obtained potsoyanno energy, which practically does not depend on weather conditions. River type of alternative energy sources deestvuet due to the energy of the river, and at the same time, usually on small rivers, they are autonomous power source.

Improvement of these technologies allowed to make the system to generate electricity from these energy sources are not only durable, but also to make them work for you. Another modern trend of alternative energy is the application inside the drinking water supply, watercourses within the industry and etc. In general, this type of energy is growing. Solar energy is only recently became an alternative source of energy, and also once thought that this is feasible only in warm countries. Today, studies scientists have proved absolutely the opposite, and greatly improve the quality of plants for alternative energy. Solar energy is converted into other kinds of energy through photovoltaics, ie She is an alternative source of energy. Many homes in our country use just solar energy as an alternative form of heat. This that pv installations are made of solar panels, and operate in standalone mode. Thus, we have learned about the most common alternative heat and power. In our country, this power is developed is not so, as might be desired, or as in the west, but visible changes in better.