Energy Efficiency

Although glass is a typical material in most windows, window panels can be made of plastic. And since the windows have a direct impact on the leakage of heat and heating bills, you should know that plastic box with them energy efficiency will benefit your home. To understand how plastics can help save heat, you should understand the basics of energy efficiency. The first factor is the efficiency of how much heat (not from The Sun) gets or teryaetvash home because of your window. The second factor is the amount of solar energy transmitted by your window. The third factor is the flow of air passing through the open window, or leakage from closed window.

The most simple plastic window panel is made of plastic sheeting, and can increase the energy efficiency of your windows by creating a barrier insulation, which helps limit the leakage of warm air from the dwellings. Click Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to learn more. Hard window panels of acrylic, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, or reinforced with polyester fibers can be fitted either inside or outside window frame. Glazing material in the window frame as possible different types plastics such as polyvinyl fluoride, polycarbonate, polyethylene, acrylic, and polyester. Plus, plastic is that they can be stronger, cheaper, easier to cut them, and they are lighter than glass. Some plastics have a higher transmittance of solar energy, which may make them less energy efficient, depending on your geographic location.

New windows, however, tend to be less durable, especially when it comes to effects of weather. Energy efficiency of plastic windows must be balanced with the total cost, especially if you plan to replace the windows or windows of the current window plastic. Nowadays, new windows were so popular that many firms are using plastic boxes ready predosvait you for free the plastic box when you order one or more windows. Likewise, often the firm at its own expense carry out installation of new windows and the dismantling of old, that saves your budzhet replacement windows. And another plus – the recent plastic window so cheaper that allow them to itself, every family. Some of them, incidentally, are already looking for cheap window into the Internet with requests' to download plastic windows' and, oddly enough, they find it.

Restore Energy

Crisis burns brain, nerves on edge, work up a sweat, alcohol, smoking, coffee, and so every day, such is life of modern man. Not immediately, but over time begin to manifest depression, chronic fatigue, weakness, apathy, nervousness, irritability, headaches, loss of clarity and quick thinking, all symptoms of lack of energy production in the body. Energy production is a complex, multistage process of bio-energy. Next I will describe a set of measures to restore energy that has helped me personally very well in his time. In the morning, sure, you need to do a little workout, at least shake the press, and 10-20 minutes of breathing exercises with breath-holding. Suit of pranayama yoga, qigong, or breathing the Chinese on the Buteyko method. In a question-answer forum Peter Thiel was the first to reply.

It is very important because during exercise with breath holding in humans accumulate prana breathing (Carbon dioxide), without which the hormones and enzymes normally do not work. And most importantly, without it, oddly enough, is not absorbed by the body of oxygen, and this – most of our fuel, without it man can not live more minutes. Visualize the energy accumulation in the body – it will greatly enhance the effect of exercise. For breakfast you can make ice cream with grated chocolate and bananas, it will give the body glucose and baseline material for the synthesis of serotonin in the brain. Toward the afternoon, when fatigue begins to accumulate, we'll need a cup of coffee and half an hour of free time.

After making coffee can lie down, relax, play music and begin to breathe rapidly and extensively nose 3-10 minutes until a slight tingling in the limbs, followed by a nice breath and relax completely for about five minutes, ten. Everything in the body developed a serotonin, and we need to make sure that it is not absorbed back (reuptake), this drink natural antidepressant St John's wort on the basis of, for example, or gellarium deprevit (2-3 tablets). After a while you feel the hunger, the most time for lunch. Lunch should consist of salad and natural carbohydrates (pasta, cereal, pizza … better without the meat of dead animals) After eating, take some mineral and vitamin complex. During the day, try to observe drinking mode, because water is the second most important after oxygen. In the evening, after work, drank some tea and do not rush to have dinner or do chores, it is necessary for half an hour, an hour to relax and rest in the supine position (meditation). At dinner, seafood is best suited – seaweed, fish, shrimp …. Because they contain phosphorus, iodine and protein. Phosphorus – is the basis of ATP, is the basis of stored energy in our cells. Iodine and protein, also give a lot of energy. Without them, the whole chain of energy conversion is interrupted, the person becomes nervous and irritable – crazy))). Sleep a must in the dark and turn off all sources of electromagnetic radiation. This is required in order to normally produced from serotonin, melatonin, which is the source of psychic energy. From alcohol, cigarettes and sex would have to give at any time. A what to do, someone who is easy? Otherwise the energy will never recover … .. The general sense of this publication, such that those basic substances that the person feels like the energy, vitality, joy, happiness, are – oxygen, carbon dioxide, phosphorus, iodine, and serotonin melotonin, as well as many other substances, which are interrelated and give us energy and for their vyrobotki need to do something ))))))))) Thank you for your attention to the connection .