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Not natural to get pregnant treatment business amounts to more than 2 billion dollars annually in the United States but only 1 of each or 4 women have success with this type of treatment. According to a study revealed in the United States, they exist today more 300 clinics specializing in infertility treatment compared with only a handful of 20 or 25 years ago. The pharmaceutical industry also invests millions of dollars in research of new techniques or methods to be able to conceive. Competition between infertility treatment is so great that many experts fear that many health incurred in risky practices to patients. Up to the moment and considering the costs of these treatments might say that they are far from a success story: insemination or IVF treatments in Vitro, for example, have an approximate cost that round among the 4,000 and $20,000 for each attempt and without taking into account whether it has succeeded or failed, as well as additional costs in medication and consultations before, during and After the pregnancy. Many clinics measure their success in terms of if the woman is able to become pregnant under this type of methods, which is 1 out of 3 women, but many women suffer abortion once pregnant why, mug’s success is even more small: only 1 of every 4 women approximately. On the other hand we have the stories of success of treatments of type holistic and 100% natural that have cups of more than 50% of success and without risks and much less the costs of traditional methods of assisted insemination. The main reason why traditional methods often do not work is exclusively physical approach that give the problem when this demonstrated that in many cases of infertility, the problem is of psychological origin or otherwise.. To know more about this subject visit Peter Thiel.

Madrid European

Iberia achieves a coefficient of occupation from 82.2 per cent in 2010 occupancy has increased 2.4 percentage points in the accumulated this year compared to 2009. In December, the demand on long-haul routes grew by 9.7 percent over the same month of the previous year, and 12.2 percent in Latin America. Madrid, January 18, 2011 Iberia today released traffic for the month of December and the cumulative 2010 data. The most remarkable data has been occupation coefficient increased by 2.4 percentage points during 2010 over the previous year, thus reaching the 82.2 percent. Check out Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for additional information. In the month of December, the number of passengers transported (PKT) in the whole of the network increased by 3.7 percent, with an increase of 4.5 percent in the volume of supply, measured in offered asientos-kilometro (AKO), stood at 78.4 per cent occupation coefficient, 0.6 percentage points lower than the previous year. December traffic was negatively affected by the closure of the airspace Spanish as a result of the strike of air traffic controllers of days 3 and 4, as well as the temporary cold and snow that occurred in Europe during the last third of the month, that forced to cancel numerous flights. In the long-haul sector in December traffic increased 9.7 percent compared to 2009, with a 12.9 percent rise in the volume of supply, and a drop of 2.4 points in the employment rate, which stood at 82, 0%.

In the whole of Latin America the AKO increased 15.8 percent, improving demand a 12.2 per cent. The employment rate reached 82.7 percent, 2.6 points less than the previous year. On North America flights occupation level fell 2.0 points and stood at 81.9 percent, by reducing demand (- 1.7 percent) with a 0.7 percent higher than the December 2009 offer. Flights from Europe were most affected by the cancellations. Thus, the coefficient of occupancy declined 1.0 point with relation to the previous year, reaching 68.5 per cent, with decreases of 9.9 per cent in demand and from 8.6 per cent in the offered capacity. Considering only with source or destination Madrid European flights, the PKT and AKO decreased a 10.3 per cent and a 9.0 percent, respectively, down 1.0 point the level of occupation. In Africa and Middle East occupation level improved 1.6 points, reaching the 75.2 percent, to increase by 2.0 percent the number of PKT, offering a similar to that of the previous year.

Cortado Enterprise

Mobile Office package provides BlackBerry smartphone with PC functions from Berlin, November 2008 – Cortado, a global leader in mobile applications, and DatViz, leader in the development and marketing of compatibility and productivity solutions for Microsoft Office, introduce a new accessory Pack for BlackBerry smartphones. The Mobile Office package combines documents to go Premium Edition by DatViz with mobile applications from Cortado. With the software bundle consisting of Cortado and documents to go, the work is facilitated by providing mobile office functions. Users of the bundle can access files and information on the network, edit them with Microsoft Office functions and then print, fax or present. A fully-fledged Mobile Office available is thus quasi BlackBerry users. \”Our joint solution package extends the BlackBerry smartphone into a full work station for on the go\”, explains Thorsten Hesse, international sales manager at Cortado Enterprise solutions. \”With the combination of our two high quality mobile solutions, we enable companies to benefit from the advantages of the most advanced mobile technologies, to increase their productivity and quality of work, and at the same time to reduce their IT investments and maintenance costs considerably.\” Cortado’s mobile business solutions enable employees to secure access to the corporate network and the flexible output documents with your BlackBerry smartphone.

The award-winning mobile office suite, documents to go Premium Edition from DatViz complements the Cortado solutions and allows the open, edit and create documents and attachments in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly on the BlackBerry smartphone. The software bundle also includes PDF to go own PDF actor, supports Microsoft Office 2007 files and provides password protection for Word and Excel files, as well as an improved track document changes. The integrated InTact technology provides for the 100% preservation of original formatting of files after working on the Smartphone, spell checker and more advanced editing features.

Control Room And Large Picture Technology Together With The Customers Plan And Implement

Control room and control stations must be planned with precision, so that an audit of each and numerous processes is possible. Jungmann system engineering control room and large picture technology together with the customers plan and implement control room and control stations must be planned with precision, so that an audit of each and numerous processes is possible. To integrate the right technology and the ideal furniture in a room, are needed professionals who are knowledgeable in this area. The Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG works together with the customer the individual solutions for the customer and after the completion of the control room or control stations can monitor the processes and problems. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a great source of information. With consulting, planning and concepts, the control stations become a control station, which is similar to a space station.

The technique and the furniture of Jungmann are combined so that the monitor is a no-brainer. The large-screen technology whether it be video wall or large screen, management software for technology and Video wall controllers, networking, access, control and visualization, consolidation of the workstation monitors, video and camera surveillance integrated in process models and the processes and control cameras, customised solutions there is a remote control for everyone. To get the right furniture so that the work is not uncomfortable. Included are special tables for the control room and the control rooms, large wall tiling image or a 7/24-Recaro Chair and much more, making the control room and the control stations to a workplace, which complies with the EU directives and workplace regulations. There no simple desks and chairs are integrated in a control room, but furniture, which are suitable, provide enough space and have an appealing design. Not only the technology is built with the corresponding solutions in a control room or control rooms, the furniture must be integrated so that the individual elements provide a complete monitoring.