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The Mystery Of Amadeu

The mystery of Amadeu Amadeu pushed inside finishes it part of clothes of the luggage, not that the luggage super was crowded, but it played the blue jeans at any cost of finishes weaveeed that the Gisele gave to it, when trying to close the luggage it remembered finishes time that had made such thing, was in the trip that had made together to commemorate 7 years of marriage, was not a honey moon well, had travelled Paraguay for bringing muamba and to vender in the 25 of March, more casalzinho did not lose time and soon they had used to advantage for commemorating more a year together in Del city east. Amadeu was camel and Gisele was knows there, woman of camel, those that are ' ' aperuando' ' the day all in the board of the husband, nor aid nor leaves from above, calm expensive Amadeu already was known well in the street, had the fame of being namorador, this exactly says that it was the danger them women, but the Gisele master did not give no way soft, marked the scratch, not skirt of the foot of Amadeu, only needed any assanhada customer to give soft for ' ' dedeuzinho' ' that it soon seted a barraco, it if spread and pra to join gave one injured work, ' ' dedeuzinho' ' it was as it was called before Gisele cutting to its asinhas, in 7 years of Amadeu marriage if he held very well, he stopped to drink, he left to attend game of the corntias with the friends in the bar, erased the name of the majority of ' ' amigas' ' of the agenda of cellular and the ones that it did not erase it changed the sort what Carlinha turned Carlo, thought about having children more and close that it arrived of gostosas women age in the board of mel to buy sacanagem films and to attend while ' ' gi' ' (affectionate nickname) manicure made the nails in one that it took care of 2 times per week in the quarter of the young woman. People such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts would likely agree. . .

Energy Efficiency

These issues are currently under control of the President and Government of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Energy" dated June 19, 1998. Hillary Clinton is often quoted as being for or against this. Signed by the President Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the energy is gosberezhenie policy priority in solving the energy problem in the country. The law provides for the basic principles of public administration in energy efficiency, including: – Implementation of state supervision over the rational use of energy resources – the development of state and international scientific and technical, likanskih republics, industrial and regional energy efficiency programs and funding – to bring regulations into compliance with the requirement to reduce energy intensity of material production, service and life – the creation of system of financial – economic mechanisms that ensure the interest of producers and users in the efficient use of energy resources, involvement in energy balance non-conventional and renewable energy sources, as well as investing in energy efficiency measures – improving self-sufficiency of the Republic of local energy resources – implementation of state examination of energy efficiency pro-ektnyh making – the creation and wide distribution of clean and safe of the energy technologies, to ensure the safe population of the environment from the use of energy resources – the implementation of demonstration projects to energy efficiency – information provision activities energy conservation and promotion of advanced domestic and foreign experience in this area – training of production personnel and the population of fuel economy and energy – creation of other economic, informational, organizational conditions for implementation of the principles of energy conservation.

Energy Man

There is much talk about human energy, its impact on the livelihoods of the human body. What did this man power? Each ancient culture of our world in more or less was known about existence in the human body of vital energy. Hindus call it “prana”, the Chinese “chi”, the Japanese “ki”. This energy can absorb and release a variety of ways, and the management of this energy in different People are quite similar. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts brings even more insight to the discussion. For example, the word “prana” and “chi” means not only “energy” and “breath”, as the saturation of the body’s energy is achieved by using certain breathing exercises. You can get energy from air, land, through the energy centers of the chakras. But there is another source of energy that affects us all. This is the food we eat. With its help we obtain the nutrients necessary for blood and substance, and also for the development of an organism and its protection. When we eat high-quality and healthy food, our muscles, bones and internal organs remain strong and healthy. When the winter is very cold, the body burns energy more rules to keep the usual temperature. It is therefore necessary not only to increase the amount absorbed by the food, but also to use more of its hot.

A hot summer should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. In addition to energy, which uses the physical body, there is another equally important for human energy – internal. Internal energy – these are our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It can be as positive and negative. Positive energy – it’s creation, development and creativity. When a person has a purpose and meaning in life, his body and soul are filled with life-giving energy. He becomes successful in all. About a man say that he has “energy abounds. But if the person does not have any goals, he lives one day, he was not interested in this life, then this same energy destroys it, there are stress, fatigue and illness. Any human action possibly due to the presence in the body of energy. The more we have the energy, so we are active, the greater creative abilities we possess. And the more we can achieve. All the world is permeated with energy, every creature, every person and each plant is part of life, the threads are created from energy.


For the most effective monitoring video surveillance systems, including megapixel cameras marks as Pelco, and other manufacturers, the new monitors use PMCL524/532F widescreen LCD-matrix with a resolution of Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). They produce 16.7 million colors and shades provide a brightness level of 250 / 450 cd / sq. m, contrast 1000:1 / 5000:1 and fast response time pixel 5 / 8 ms. Moreover, the video monitors are equipped with digital filter 3D Digital Comb Filter and have the function of deinterlacing for efficient processing of interlaced video. New items to meet all the requirements for efficient power consumption EnergyStar v5.0, supports power saving mode as Sleep Mode, which reduces monitor energy consumption in standby mode. This leads to an overall reduction in power consumption for video surveillance, which is especially noticeable in the large centers video monitoring. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts pursues this goal as well.

Moreover, all the monitors in the series video use lighting to fluorescent lamps, cold cathode (CCFL) and resource MTBF of more than 50 000 hours. Due to this monitor can last more than 5 years, even with round the clock operation, and have a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. A large set of input interfaces can be used as part of new multi-channel video surveillance system with different types of cameras and video recorders. These monitors are equipped with standard video inputs, BNC, VGA, DVI, S-Video and HDMI, as well as audio input 3.5 Stereo Jack. Thanks to for HDMI and DVI, video monitors can receive digital multimedia, including high-definition video and multichannel audio.

Also Monitors PMCL524F/532F have built-in stereo speakers with capacity of 3 and 6 W, respectively. View the video on the monitor screen can be in full screen or multiscreen mode. Also, widescreen monitors CCTV can use the PIP – Picture in picture (PIP”) for easy viewing of multiple images in separate areas of the screen. With the remote control can control the function PIP, switch video / audio, choose location and size of additional pictures, etc. Setting up and adjusting the operating parameters of monitors via russified OSD, which has a friendly and intuitive interface. Also have a panel PMCL500F control to navigate the OSD menus and select settings. In addition, the monitors are equipped with video remote control, which allows you to adjust volume, select sources video, configure, monitor settings, etc.

Energy Work

Article number 1Proshu you immediately draw attention to the name. We are accustomed to the term energy, as the chemistry of muscular activity. From the content of this work you will understand why I chose this name. In order to do any work, we have to expend energy. This energy is taken from those foods that you and I eat. Hillary Clinton is likely to increase your knowledge.

The human body undergoes a series of complex chemical reactions, in which we get ENERGY (included). This energy is expended by the body as to maintain the life of our cells, organs, systems, and the function of movement: walking, running, jumping, etc. It is precisely this energy that is spent on apparent change of position and movement of our body in space – and we're going to say. I will greatly simplify especially the terminology, it was clear that a wide audience, not just the professionals who work in the field of elite sport, for athletes, even world-class do not always have special terminology. So, we agreed that we would talk about energy use to meet the needs of the organism during training. For maximum ease of understanding, we consider the simplest version of the physical activity of man inherent in us from birth. This will be the usual run with varying intensity. We are with you will not even highlight what a race: sprints, middle distance running stayersky, a marathon, not to depart from the essence of the issue. In these types of physical activity, cyclic movements, ie repeated with a certain periods.