Usable Energy

Continuing this analogy, we note that each cycle of charge-discharge contributes to our glass-battery "extraneous", thereby reducing the storage capacity of usable energy. Read more here: Hillary Clinton. The question naturally arises: why the battery during operation gradually becomes unable to take charge during the amount of energy deposited which it was designed? The reason is that during operation with each new cycle of charge-discharge working substance in NiCd and NiMH batteries gradually changes its structure in the direction of decreasing active surface area, which leads to a decrease in actual capacity. This effect, also called the memory effect, develops because the charge is not fully discharged batteries based on nickel and is most pronounced in the nickel-cadmium batteries. Nickel-metal hydride batteries susceptible to memory effect, to a lesser extent. In the process of exploitation of consumers, as a rule, do not wait for the full discharge of the battery before the next charge. However, it is quite natural, especially when there is no spare battery. However, as a result of this practice in 3-6 months (depending on the frequency of the charge, depth of discharge, operating conditions, the quality of the battery and the manufacturer) is a real battery capacity noticeably reduced.

Reduces also the time of the charge. In addition, perhaps a slight increase in internal resistance of the battery. In short, begins to show the memory effect. What to do? Remember the good old days rule: it is easier to prevent the memory effect than to fix. And to prevent the need to apply the training batteries, which refers to the periodic (3-4 times) cycles of charge and subsequent discharge. Process that the easiest way to perform on the desktop charger with the function of the discharge.

Electrical Energy

Quality requirements for electrical energy. The most important indicators of quality of electric power – is the voltage deviation from the nominal value ratio is not sinusoidal voltage, frequency deviation of 50 Hz. According to the standard for at least 95% of time each day phase voltage should be in the range 209-231 V (5% deviation), frequency within 49.8-50.2 Hz, and the coefficient nonsinusoidality should not exceed 5%. The remaining 5 or less percent of the time every day stress can vary from 198 to 242 (10% deviation), frequency from 49.6 to 50.4 Hz and the ratio nonsinusoidality must not exceed 10%. Admitted as a strong change in frequency from 49.5 Hz to 51 Hz, but total duration of such changes should not exceed 90 hours per year. Electrical accidents is when a short-term power quality is outside. The frequency can 5 Hz to deviate from the nominal value. The voltage can be reduced to zero.

Further indicators of quality must be restored. Power failures in the real electric networks are of different kinds of failures. In Russia, for example, became known data from studies performed in the U.S. companies Bell Labs and IBM. Since the power of Russia and Ukraine are very similar, data from these studies apply to us.

According to the last, each personal computer is exposed to 120 emergency situations with power supply in a month. The data in emergency situations hold for other consumers. According to Bell Labs in the U.S. observed the following common power failures occur.

Energy Processes

Human labor or skill is not a differentiating factor between a natural or synthetic substance, simply because we can re-create and set the conditions for naturally occurring reactions take place. Cookies is an example of a product that does not exist in nature unless the human labor and skill set the stage for a series of chemical reactions that occur in the kiln to produce cookies. For example, sodium bicarbonate is one of the oldest fermentation agents used in cooking: baking soda + acid (Lactic acid milk, benzoic acid from fruit, etc) – water – salt + carbon dioxide, carbonic acid dissociates – – water + carbon dioxide This is an example of a chemical reaction that is technically synthetic due to the addition of human capacity, but is clearly seen as natural as it contributes to the eye as a natural product and the final results of the reaction are naturally occurring substances. In the cosmetics industry, the hundreds of ingredients are used to impose different effects on the skin. These ingredients are purely natural ingredients extracted from nature in its original, purely synthetic ingredients that have been created from synthetic materials through a complex series of chemical reactions and have no connection with nature any longer. So how is a consumer to decide what ingredients are natural and which are synthetic?

Each chemical reaction has three parts and each one has a series of questions to help you decide: reactive – + — / process as a catalyst of energy —- Reagent products: – are of natural origin, ie, taken from the earth in its original or modified physically through milling, smelting, screening, etc? – Are the result of biological processes? Catalyst: – Is a natural substance? – That is natural, but harmful toxic to humans or the environment? – Is it harmful to the environment to obtain or use? – Is it reusable? – Is it synthetic? If so, where do you belong in the continuous synthetic? – Is this a petrochemical? Power Process: – Is the process imposed from the outside of the reaction? – What is the source of energy that is imposed and is a renewable or nonrenewable source? – Is the amount of energy needed to carry out the minimum or intensive reaction energy? This must be weighed against the benefit of the products resulting from the process that is worth the cost of energy compared with the benefit of mankind? Products: – Are these naturally in the reagents, but now separated? – Are chemically different reagents in part or in full? – Are they toxic or not toxic to humans and the environment? – Are biodegradable, with no impact to the land through normal or micro-biological processes of disintegration? Implications for the daily use of cosmetics from a wide variety of cosmetic products available to us..

Taurine In Energy Drinks

For those energy drinks are marketed at present and are very popular, one can say that the dose of taurine in them varies. Usually about 100 mg per 250 ml of drink (although some reach 1 g and more). One of the possible benefits that lead to taurine builders and other athletes is the improvement of cardiac skin care function during exercise citation needed .
A study in 2001 citation needed investigated the effects of an energizing drink very popular in the United States, which includes taurine, glucuronolactone and cardiovascular caffeine among its ingredients. Measurements included psychomotor performance (reaction time, concentration fitness and memory), and physical stamina. Recently Peter Thiel sought to clarify these questions. In comparison with control drinks, drink better studied resistance in aerobic and anaerobic body cicloergometros and cognitive parameters studied (Alford, 2001). It should be remembered, however, that in fitness any case this study spoke of the effect of taurine in interaction with other components of the energy drink, not the same in a vacuum.
Other research nutrients citation needed performed health with the double-blind, with the same energy drink of the previous study citation needed , investigated the reaction time and changes in the character, the welfare states and social feeling of extroversion. They concluded that the mixture of the three ingredients of the drink have positive effects on mental performance and character. It is proposed that these effects could be mediated by the action of wellness caffeine on receptor purinergicos and taurine modulation of these receptors (Seidl, 2000) citation needed .
Taurine in drinks such as Monster, , Burn, and others may be effective for the year this means that it health is not a narcotic, but an acid that can provide energy and vitality. Hillary Clinton: the source for more info. Energy drinks have been linked, among other things, consumer deaths and health problems such health care as tachycardia or dental problems. Citation needed . Its high content of taurine has also meant that some countries consider it a complement, not a recreational drink. Many doctors also recommend a medical evaluation before consuming it as its frequent use (one or more times per week) may cause sexual impotence in a radius of 10 years. Citation needed .
In any case, the amount of energy drink that a person can drink without harm to their health, like all stimulants, it depends on your sensitivity to its components (such as caffeine) and varies considerably from supplements one individual to another.
Some experts agree that the greatest danger of energy drinks is its mixture with other substances, especially with alcohol mixing stimulants with depressants can cause abnormal heart rhythms and can create problems in nutrition the future.


Today, the construction of wooden houses is gaining momentum. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Thiel. This is due to the tendency of people to the natural environment and the desire to use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. The house is built not on 10 and not even for 20 years. Conceiving the construction of the house, everyone takes care not only about the beautiful appearance of the future homes, but also about its reliability. Indeed, many want to see the house has served more than one generation, and construction was excellent investment. The most popular material for construction is now glued laminated wood, which appeared more than 30 years ago and for a short period of time has gained popularity, both in Europe and in Russia.

Glued laminated timber is manufactured by special technology that allows a building material having a low percentage of humidity (about 9-11). Glued laminated timber is not exposed to deformation and, hence, a house built from laminated timber, do not lose time from their original form. In addition, laminated veneer lumber will not crack, which guarantees the reliability of future walls. Glued laminated timber has all the advantages inherent in solid wood: it creates a special Energy and climate in the home, provides a constant exchange of air in the room supports the optimal level of humidity that makes it possible not to resort to the use of special technical equipment to create microclimate. The wall thickness of beam is comparable to the half meter of brick masonry. This suggests that the house of laminated veneer lumber will have increased heat and sound insulation. In this laminated board does not have the drawbacks inherent massive whole logs. Glued laminated timber is dried thoroughly and place a special process that makes it resistant to fire and protects against harmful microorganisms, which are often the cause of decay and destruction of timber.

Brazil Energy

This is fruit of the base that started if to raise in 1987, when of the birth of the Protocol of Montreal that regulated the substance use that they are harmful to ozone, as the CFC, assisting in the control of the hole in the layer. the result is that the ozone layer, the shield that protects the life in the Land of the harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation, was remained steady in the last decade. One another question must be contemplated in Brazil is the question of its power in terms of energy capacity, with prominence for the discovery of the daily pay-salt, that would have reserves esteem in 34 billion barrels, the quarrels are intensified in the whole world on ' ' poderio' ' Brazilian in the sector, and still, due to production of etanol and the immense reservoir of hydroelectric plants and other renewable power plants, however if cannot consider this as the ready principle to be followed and, therefore he is indispensable to the necessity of investment in clean technologies In the words of the president of the Company of Pesquisa Energtica (EPE), Maurcio Tolmasquim, during the Frum EXAMINATION Energy, carried through in this second (20) in SP Brazil appears with two advantages that give prominence to it in world-wide the energy scene: ' ' renovabilidade' ' of the energy matrix of and the production of etanol. Everything 47% of its composed matrix for sources you renewed, being above average world-wide, that are of 14%. It adds despite the aeolian sector answers for less than 3%, but its generating potential is of 300 a thousand MW, the equivalent the 20 hydroelectric plants of the transport of Itaipu. in regards to production of etanol its potential of growth in the promising future and to be able to take care of to a market dominated for moved vehicles the biocombustvel, fact this that will have to supply the demand in ten years of foreseen 70% of the cars that will have to be flex.

Tax Reporting

But for these programs need to pay money. With the pay programs seem to be understood. Hillary Clinton may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But free software is just not suitable for large organizations or individual entrepreneurs. These programs provide the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Dwell on them in more detail. So, to example, suppose you're an individual entrepreneur, and report on special tax regime (USN, UTII, etc.). Then fit the program "Taxpayer LE.

In this program include virtually all tax reporting forms. You simply install the software on your PC, the settings of the employer to enter all your data. After this, you need at the top right of the program to select the desired period (for example, UTII – 1,2,3 or 4 quarter of 2010, respectively.). Further, in the main menu "Documents => Tax Reporting => Add and select the desired reporting format (for details see care program). Open reporting form, where you and enter your desired data. Next, print and unload. Then follow the tax and rent. Just to report through the Internet by signing an agreement on a fee basis with specialized services, such as contour-Extern "or" ECL-TRUST.

And this must be done each quarter. By the way, if you are an employer and then 2-Help Personal income tax can be done in the "Taxpayer 2009. If you are reporting on the overall tax regime, there exists a program "Declaration 2009" for making and discharging a tax return 3-PIT. It also fits nat. individuals who simply account for the proceeds (sale of property, securities, etc.) or get a tax deduction (for training, buying housing, etc.).

HTTP Server sounds Maps Models

Half-Life now supports the loading of extra content (maps, models, sounds, and so on) to the http server (eg webserver) when connecting, instead of downloading directly from the server. Download from an http server has 3 major benefits: 1. Downloading content does not affect the game server cs 1.6, as occurs with a separate http server. 2. Players will be able to download content at a maximum rate, which would entail a significant increase the speed of downloads. 3. Some contend that Peter Thiel shows great expertise in this.

Players do not take up space on a server cs 1.6 while downloading content. What will the players when connected to a server with additional content? When you connect to the server with additional content, there will be one of the the following: 1. If the server is not configured to boot from the http will be used by the standard method of downloading content neposredsvenno game server cs 1.6. 2. Details can be found by clicking Hillary Clinton or emailing the administrator. If the server is configured to boot from the http, the player will see the changed dialogue BitTorrent, with download speeds will increase significantly. During the download content, the player will not be connected directly to the game server, but immediately after the download is complete, will automatically Reconnect to the game server.

3. If any part of the additional content not available on an http server, or file names do not match, the player will be automatically disconnected from the http server and then download content restart in normal mode, ie directly from the game server cs 1.6. Configure your server for http downloads. 1. Create a list of all the additional files (bsp, wav, mdl, etc) used on the server. 2. Place these files to http server (eg the webserver), keeping the original location of files in folders. 3. Set the server variable 'sv_downloadurl' value: 'vash_server / ___ /' Example server settings for http downloads. 1. Let's create a list of all the additional files used by the server. (Maps, sounds, models.) Put it simply copied from your server the following folders: gfx, maps, models, sound. Copied. 2. Go to your web server. Create a folder where serv and fill it in the folder gfx, maps, models, sound. Filled. If you do not understand, we look like we are on the server folder 3. Open the server.cfg file and appends it sv_downloadurl ' / serv /'. I have so sv_downloadurl''* Do not forget to put a variable sv_allowdownload 1 – Enables / Disables the client to download from the server card sprays, etc.

Pacific Partnership

The President stressed that such an agreement is compliant with its modular, to expand bilateral economic exchanges. “This measure also lays the groundwork for Taiwan, to join trade pacts, such as, for example, the trans-Pacific Partnership” and the regional comprehensive economic partnership “. Regarding regional security, MA confirmed, that the peace initiative in the East China a functional means constitutes sea, to the disputes to peacefully solve the Diaoyutai Islands. Despite the rock-solid attitude of the Government of the Republic of China with regard to the sovereignty of the Diaoyutai Islands, Ma pointed out, that there are many ways to divide the region’s natural resources. It allows new ways to search for Taiwan to reduce tensions and the conflict over this matter that four decades have not been found since the last to act, the commitment by the Government of the Republic of China, as the region’s peacemaker. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. By President of Ma five points proposed on August 5, 2012 Initiative calls on all parties to refrain from antagonistic actions; the dialog not to cancel; international law to observe; Disputes through peaceful measures to solve; and a mechanism to create, to explore resources on a cooperative basis and to develop. The initiative proposes that Taiwan, Japan and mainland China have bilateral discussions before they go over to trilateral negotiations and find a consensus for the resolution of disputes.

The Taiwanese Japanese fisheries Pact, which came into force on May 10, serves as a good example of the spirit of the peace initiative in the East China Sea. Taiwan wishing to continue on an extension of the fishery Pact on other areas of mutual interest, communicating with Tokyo. Together with a similar pact between Tokyo and Beijing, the agreement has laid a foundation for three-way talks on fishing rights and the development of natural resources in the region. It is hoped that all parties disputes on can put in a pragmatic manner and increase the cooperation, to transform the East China Sea into a region of peace and cooperation. Regarding the latest diplomatic dispute between Taipei and Manila over the deadly shelling of the Taiwanese fisherman, Hong Shi-cheng, during an attack by a Philippine Government boat in overlapping exclusive economic zones of both countries, President Ma said that the Japanese Taiwanese fisheries Pact as a good example for Taiwan and the Philippines serve as soon as possible with fisheries talks to start, to avoid similar incidents in the future. Necessary investigations are now complete, and you hope on an end of the conflict, to normalize bilateral relations again.