RFID Goods

The development by securing lines to the RFID technology the oldest way of securing goods is the simple link, include or chaining. Preferably wire ropes used here today. The electronic goods systems have prevailed over time however. Official site: Hillary Clinton. Currently you can radiofrequenten (RF) electromagnetic (EM), and akustomagnetischen (AM) different systems. The various systems are characterized by your differing technological characteristics such as reliability, security, passage widths and detection rates. Usually, transmission-reception devices (antenna or gates), which stimulate the goods labels a certain frequency to vibrate is located in the output range.

RF this often 8.2 MHz is on most systems 58 kHz systems. The merchandise security tags at the moment distinguish between hard labels, self-adhesive labels and multi alarm labels. These differ E.g. pins or loops, their cost and security respectively in their method of attachment. Conventional hard labels and self-adhesive labels are Unfortunately easy to manipulate or remove (magnet, bend the labels, etc.). Here already the multi alarm labels or even 2 or 3 – alarm offer better protection labels, which have then, but also comparatively high acquisition costs. The term RFID (“radio frequency identification”) added a further component for securing goods.

This system offers the ability to recognize data, with the help of a reader and store. This allows the combination of anti-shoplifting (LP) and RFID as a logistical tool (ERP). We can say that the development of securing goods is not yet completed, but will made it harder the thieves to practice their craft.

IPS Display

Flat, frameless full HD 1080 p IPS LCD with MHL for mobile sharing Munich, 01 July 2013 is ViewSonic Europe Ltd., a leading provider of consumer electronics as well as communication and it solutions, today for the first time the display VX2770Sml LED. For even more opinions, read materials from Peter Thiel. The 27 “large IPS screen supports the functionality of the MHL (mobile high-definition link) for the comfortable connection with Smartphones, Tablet PCs and other mobile devices. “Our new display VX2770Sml LED type currently offers the best combination of performance and features. The product by the practically frameless design, which gives a great look is even more attractive”, explained Claire Chuang, LCD monitor product marketing manager of ViewSonic Europe Ltd.”The MHL link display ideal for is the opportunity to provide consumers, gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, large-format to experience content of mobile devices.” Although smart phones.

Tablet PCs and other mobile devices well are suitable to manage information and entertainment offerings to use, so do most difficult for viewing large images, to read long texts or to view multimedia content together with other people their small screens. With the new VX2770Sml LED HD LCD ViewSonic users can now their mobile devices quickly and easily on a 27 “large display close and immediately content in HD quality viewing without the need for a PC. This only HDMI a MHL-adapter cable plug into the screen of ViewSonic must be plugged in and connected the other end with a Smartphone, Tablet PC, laptop or HDMI capable camcorder / camera. Thanks to the VX2770Sml-LED, users can enjoy even large-format the content of their mobile devices and the unlimited. As long as it is connected to the device with the MHL LCD ViewSonic, as long the user do worry about the battery life. Users can thus safely at any time multimedia in brilliant HD quality enjoy VX2770Sml LED serves as the ideal second display.