Jose Carlos Garci

Palimpsesto is the hand-written parchment whose first writing has been erased to write again in him. And it says To be accustomed to that to the past watch of a country and his present, it would have to be to have citizen; because without this integral vision, the one of the city that first was inhabited by, and soon by other different ones, what we see in a phenomenon like the one of the emigration is simple and level an increasing and uncontrollable invasion, and not what it really is: the new reality of Spain . The migratory flows between Spain and Latin America in the last one hundred years have returned to the origin: a multitude that moves to the other side of the sea and after years, another multitude that returns to begin with to the point. I usually say that the immigrants are educated people who give back the visit to us that we have done to them previously. The new immigrants are not an invasion but the new inhabitants of Spain and we would have had to anticipate and to organize the emigration from that one continent to solve the problems that consider and that must begin pro to recognize the necessity that in Europe we have of those immigrants given the uncertainty of our demography.

Now we decided to grant the nationality to those grandsons of Spaniards, born in Latin America, asks for that it; a right initiative, maintains To be accustomed to, but that seems based, more than in desire to make justice, in the scare that from 11-M they bring about the less compatible emigrations to the form of Spanish life . Perhaps the illustrious writer exaggerates but I believe that already it is hour to recognize with Cicern, that my mother country is where I can live well and not move to us in atavisms of terruos, bleeds and obsolete nationalisms, given the revolution of the communications. We are clear citizens of the world and are forced to be urgent to our agent chief executives who review international the legal system so that he is righter and shared in common. By this mutual ignorance as funny episodes can be caused as the one of president Chvez and the King, two institutions of another time that cannot more than to face and to enter collision. Of there, the affirmation that we indicated to whom it is happened to take to him to the King from Spain to a Latin American summit, to that continent whose imaginary it lives disturbed by the ghosts on the colony? . Certain that it is a demolishing argument that reaches to the absurd one to maintain the asamblearios institution or populismos monarchic or of quarter but that serves to author for this admirable finishing touch: the children and the grandsons of the Ecuadorian emigrants, to mention a numerous contingent, will be as Spanish as the Quijote and in years they will begin to govern municipalities and cities, and before we pruned to verify that indeed ” the nations are not another thing that acts of fe” , the president of Spain will be neither Andalusian, nor Galician, nor Basque, nor Catalan; will be Ecuadorian. In any case, he will be Spanish and citizen of the European Union.


That frigid morning, very early its mother had come, muga from the leg as if it was calling or waking up it, when hearing first mugido the yearling calf began to bawl as if it would say I am mother here. That same morning gave in my birthday the yearling calf to me new born. Banquito called I it when not yet she could pronounce it blanquito, although am a little peculiar confession, we called in this way, now I realize it that its animalitos for the coproprietors is like establishment of credit (bank) arrived at their four or five years sells their bulls to acquire their different needs, for take care of that them, so that with it eats the bread, the rice, buys the kerosene, the phosphorus, also its clothes. Now the banquito one we were a great, white bull with some black spots in the back, was the last time that has been going to look for it in Pasto qata, was December, the majority of the coproprietors already had finished seeding in its small farms, also needed to the last sowing in the Supun quruy, that small farm where sowing in those months when the Earth has been watered in rains. (Source: Hillary Clinton). All the morning I could not find it. He was rabid, like never, my body had been warmed up and sweated. When suddenly at the top of the Quani they began to fly some condors, flew more and more near me, as if they were making the rounds to me. I returned to the summit of that great hill Kano leg where it had found the Huayrunguito as the Earth were smooth I noticed some signs, was scared either sweated the more, was a deep bankruptcy the land, a precipice, in that part was a jam of ichus, seemed started, on rocks had been white hairs, I hit upon to be left stopped me, crestfallen, sad, fearful, banquito would have fallen to the precipice reaching to ichus. .

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Topics of issue: The beginning of the winter of abnormally warm. UN climate summit. The oldest animal on Earth. Check out Peter Thiel for additional information. Guide ‘eco-friendly lifestyle. ” Map household waste disposal service in Moscow.

Carbon dioxide will be on the planet for thousands of years. Be careful when buying toys —- FocusNote time to learn ‘eco-friendly way of life’ … Winter in Russia began with abnormally warm weather. About 50 million Russians live in conditions of increased air pollution. MEP 6 times increase penalties for emissions into the rivers. The city authorities have criticized the ‘environmental rating’. In the Polish Poznan UN climate summit takes place.

On the island of St. Helena is the oldest living animal on Earth. Scientists have found no explanation of reproduction of some species. More than five hundred whales died in the icy captivity. New population of endangered monkeys discovered in northern Vietnam. WWF published a guide ‘environmentally friendly image life ‘. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Environmentalists presented card household waste disposal in Moscow Environmentalists submitted online internet card household waste disposal and the location automata (fandomatov) for receiving aluminum cans and bottles from the population in Moscow. ‘With our card Muscovites find out where in the capital can take trash to recycling. It gives addresses of household waste disposal in Moscow explanation of what waste they accept, and also addresses fandomatov where you can drop aluminum cans and plastic bottles’, – the head of Greenpeace toxic Alexey Kiselev at a press conference in RIA Novosti News. —- Carbon dioxide will stay on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, effects of atmospheric pollution by carbon dioxide will be felt for hundreds of thousands of years. On this, the study said researchers to disprove widespread belief that the atmosphere quickly recover after the cessation of carbon dioxide emissions. ‘The study shows that carbon dioxide, which now goes into the atmosphere from our homes, cars and factories continue to heat up our planet hundreds of thousands of years “, – quotes the scientists newspaper Independent. One of the study’s authors, Professor David Archer of the University of Chicago warns that ‘climate impact of carbon dioxide emissions will be longer than a Stonehenge, longer than the time capsule will lie (memorial container with the attributes of the era, intended for disposal), longer than a human civilization. ” —- Experts call for parents to be careful when buying toys during the holidays – many of them may contain dangerous toxins Christmas or New Year’s gift a child can have serious health problems, child – many Plastic products have been marketed, contain hazardous chemicals, including phthalates and lead, experts warn. Even a soft toy in the form of a giraffe or a snake is dangerous choking to small children. Experts Public Interest Research Group / PIRG, USA / stress that asthma, as well as accidental ingestion of small elements – the leading cause of death from toys for children. However, this risk can be prevented by avoiding overly complex design, with many details, weaves and knots of products. Yet another danger, seemingly almost impossible to find – is the presence of toxins in the material. —- Release Distribution: 326 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.