Venezuelan SME

17% between six and ten years, and another 17% less than six. Weaknesses there is a lack of qualified personnel and with strategic vision based on the knowledge of what is happening in your environment, being a serious obstacle in their development, requiring urgent to improve the management of employers with a view to strengthening its strategic vision of face to national problems, the opening toward socialism, globalization. There is an absence of a qualified, certified management of formal knowledge that leads to administrative science, seriously affecting its competence, the correct use of their resources, in addition to knowing the challenges and generate changes, transformations necessary to ensure operability, productivity and competition. Another great weakness that few exported because they possess organizational, financial and technical constraints insufficient knowledge of the markets of other countries and their distribution channels, inability to recruit staff specialized in international trade, ignorance of international agreements, low volume and little variety of products, and insufficient financial resources. Remarkably, that export, the most widely used organisational response consortia by SMEs, especially European ones, to overcome these obstacles, are ‘ underdeveloped in the country. There is only an example of industry consortium formed in May 1999 in the State of Carabobo under the sponsorship of the governorate and technical advice from the Institute of social, economic and technological research of Venezuela (INSOTEV) for manufacturing companies the difference between Venezuela and other countries is larger: Venezuela has just 0.35 manufacturing firms per thousand inhabitantsWhile Colombia, quadruple this figure and Germany and Japan have the highest rates in the world 6.2 and 8.2 respectively.

These numbers should not surprise the almost continuous decline in private investment since 1978 leaves no doubt of the dismantling of the Venezuelan productive apparatus. It is worrying to observe that no sector of the Venezuelan company works at 100% of their capacity, it is presumed that this is mainly due to the fall in demand, which significantly affects the level of national production. Definitely to meet the demands of the new model of industrialization, modern SMEs need more qualified staff and managers willing to compete with global markets. This leaves little room for the traditional SMEs, generating products or low quality, whose technological innovation is little or no services and their managers are poorly prepared to integrate (horizontally or vertically? With other companies. It is known that a minority of the Venezuelan SME uses advanced technology, based on their competitiveness in quality of the designs, the productive flexibility and the opportunity of deliveries and exports directly or as providers of intermediate products for large enterprises that exported. Small entrepreneurs, not generally know the situation of their businesses because their systems of planning and control are few developed.

Also another great weakness is its marketing. The employer to charge of an SME is unknown that they want, where they are, who are the customers and why they buy. SMEs do not have in the majority of cases, their management systems and financial or tax planning strategies are deficient, what hurts and affects up to bank loans.

Synchronization Rsync

One of the frequent accusations that happens to listen to the administrators of Linux from your Windows-colleagues – is the lack of graphical administrative tools Linux-systems. For most of us, it does not critical, as we have long grasped all the subtleties of the configuration files located in the directory / etc. Nevertheless, we are pleased to announce that GAdmin-Rsync reveals a new front in the campaign for the introduction of GUI-facilities in the world of system administration. rsync – (angl.Remote Synchronization) is a program for unix systems which synchronizes files and directories in two places to minimize the traffic using the encoding of the data when needed. An important difference between rsync from many other programs / protocols is that mirroring is performed by a single thread in each direction (instead of one or more threads for each file).

rsync can copy or display directory contents and copy files, optionally using compression and recursion. technology investor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In fact, GAdmin-Rsync – a graphical frontend for the command rsync, also includes support for scp, and ssh, and the creation of spare copies from remote servers and remote servers. Installation is simple, and except for the rsync, dependency is almost no. Here is attached a script that simplifies all operations in excess of the minimum gentlemen – configure & & make & & make-install a lot of time it will not take. GAdmin-Rsync will take you through the initial backup, asking the few simple questions through the wizard. From here you can set the launch Cron jobs and add other sets to copy.

Board Functions

Prepared by: Felix Campoverde Velez and Luisa Caviedes hail. The trusts in if same and in the Organization, increase effectiveness and efficiency in business processes. Take a post in any place, involves an act of personal responsibility and deeply rooted in free will, since it must respond to the results expected by those who deposited the confidence to delegate such or what function, to which we are committed to act with transparency, responsibility, ingenuity, confidence, dedication, humility, strength and leadership in the business chain of processeswithout considering that in the management of human resources, it is carried with collaborator staff, highly qualified, trained in the solid organizational structure with appropriate technological resources and functional facilities for the excellent performance of its activities. In this context we will consider the important issues to effectively delegate the functions for effective management. The team work brings satisfaction rather than lamentacione; factor trusts and knowledge; each tab in place in every circumstance and time making synergy as geese fly the delegation as a definition, is the Act of assigning a subordinate the authority and formal responsibility for specific activities, it requires changing not only the way of thinking and acting, if not to the form of wanting that it must respond to the vision and mission established by the Board of Directors of the company. Delegate effectively will allow to allocate the work commensurate with the level of responsibility proper. This benefit both to you as members of the team, because it received a new task improves the knowledge of which is assumed.

In addition, ensure that work is performed in time and by the person who have experience or interest in the topic. When you delegated, assigned to another Member of your team not only task, without not also the power and authority to carry out. So we can say that the delegation of functions, is linked with the planning and organization, on the one hand and on the other hand with the leadership motivation, control, and performance result, improvement continued.

Responsive Management

Air suspension has become a familiar part of the chassis of trucks. Once it was exotic – and were heated debates that need it in principle or not. But all these contradictions in the past. Air suspension can dramatically change the driving experience. Driving performance improves truck if not in order, then although it is palpable. Not less impact on air suspension has a cross-along with manageability. How strongly I feel? Pretty much – for example, is greatly reduced roll when cornering, and almost imperceptibly so-called "peck" when braking. Additional information is available at Gwyneth Paltrow.

And that compensates for the inertia of the multi-ton air suspension truck. Air suspension helps to overcome the very poor quality roads, bordering Russian man so familiar a concept as "off road" when the road map as it is, but in reality, asphalt and gravel has long been left to local managers, clerk to purchase a new Lexus. Despite the fact that often pneumosuspension set in "paltsegnutye" Jeep SUVs, this part of the car may well serve, and more serious people who appreciate comfort and reliability. What is a truck driver refuses to improvements which will provide him and the iron horse better handling and greater safety on rough roads? But for suspension parts need to be vigilant. If you leave this part of the truck unattended, it is possible that a nasty surprise will be waiting when you need it to be the least. And that is why you should always know exactly what kind of life calculated air suspension parts, and in time to change them. Modern technology does not stand still, constantly being improved parts and materials. But still life air suspensions kept at the level of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. And then better podremontirovat and change worn parts.

Business Idea

The mindset of an entrepreneur it is vital to make a business work. Although that am assuming that it is nothing new and we all already know. The difficult part is to analyze what is really business. Many years ago, I used to go online to find business ideas which enthusiasm I and well run them in real life. The sad reality is that finding business ideas, which was were propositions to earn extra money.

Gentlemen, that are not business, so let’s call things by their name. To read more click here: Actress. Is true that the fact of earning extra money, is to develop and illustrate the mind to later start in the business. I also found business ideas that we all know and which require our daily presence to operate. For me, they are not businesses, they are jobs, as well said my admired Robert Kiyosaki. It doesn’t matter if you live in Spain, Russia, South America or Japan.

The case is to start a business in which at the end of the month, by subtracting salaries of staff and all the expenses that a business entails, you have left a net amount of gain less than 1, 500-2, 000 revaluation, that is not a profitable business, since that money is gained in any workplace with less effort than leading your own business. So before starting to run your business idea make sure of:-that is a business whose activity you are passionate about. -That it is a business that’s time, it can work without having to be present at the. -That is a business in which you can develop it in such a way that the effort you compensate up to the point of minimum, double the salary of one of your workers in economic profitability. -It is a business, which, you can make it grow incorporating a distribution network and a business system, such that even in times of crisis, do not have problems to sell or offer your services in other provinces, States or countries. That said, I hope that you distingas more or less what is a business and what is enslave you in a business or earn extra money. I made sure to gather ideas of business more profitable 2010 and most promising and emerging sectors. We will frequently update the list of ideas, following the direction and market trend. You can view a summary of ideas of business in this article: Business Ideas innovative 10 business without investment I hope that these ideas are the business they were looking for.

Gifts From Indonesia

Can argue that any of you would like to find yourself in a beautiful corner of the world, where dreams come innermost dreams. Such a place exists! Indonesia – a country where two oceans merge, the two civilizations and two terrestrial Hemisphere – a real paradise! Gorgeous landscapes, coconut trees, singing birds, exotic fruit, unusual animals and the island on which there is absolutely no civilization what else is needed for peace of mind and satisfaction? Current offers tour operators offer a fantastic opportunity for all of us. Adventures and an endless drive: hot summers can be in the snowy mountains, lunch at the crater and admire colored lakes, swim in hot springs or stroll along the bottom of the ocean in a special helmet, and maybe ride on the elephant in the wild jungle you do not want to leave here, and on his return to his native hearth and home ideas on how to hurry back, will not give peace. In a few lines tell you about the most popular and picturesque island of the Indonesian archipelago – Bali. Beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and tropical undergrowth – all Balinese jewel in the crown under the name of Indonesia. Here you can spend an unforgettable vacation: open up the world of Eastern philosophy, scuba dive, see the fish, the sun, taste the breakfast vulkaniyskoy top, cooked in ashes of the same volcano, walk through the jungle, rafting on mountain rivers, surf, ride on elephants, hang glide and helicopters as well as take part in ancient ceremonies midnight.

Five Books

Moreover, he developed a technique and was able to pass it to future generations. For millennia, this technique is a secret passed from mouth to mouth. In secret, not because it hid from the extra eyes. On the contrary, people, opened the gates to the new reality of all efforts to impart their knowledge to other people. Clinton Family may find this interesting as well. But not everyone had enough desire to learn to give. But secretly she passed, because in this case word is a synonym for 'domestic'. Only pass through itself can understand this technique. After Adam continued to develop its first Abraham, then Moses and so on.

It so happened that other people were not ready understand that Adam was the first to realize, as their desires were not yet at all stages of development. In order not to lose the thread of Adam, his followers began to record their experiences in books. Normal people read these books as myths or historical records, without regard for the secret meaning, which pointed to the way the disclosure of the soul. One such book we are all well known. This is the Bible or the Five Books of Moses, which actually described the physical world is not body and soul. Read it as Moses wrote, can the unit. But today, humanity has passed all stages of their wishes and have realized that all our knowledge of the world do not give a full and objective picture of the universe. Trying to somehow fill this vacuum, people are looking for new forms of content.

The white light there are various fantastic ideas, such as life on other planets in the afterlife or in parallel worlds. But all this – just run away. Escape from suffering and pain that can not pay the usual way we know how. All these attempts will not bring the desired result. We need to stop and start looking for places where not looking for – within yourself, within your soul. World created by the Creator for a long time waiting for us. 02/03/2009

Web Hosting

Needs of Web Hosting there are a lot of options on the market of hosting and choose a provider can be very confusing because there are many technical details, a great advertising display and each web hosting provider announced its offer as the best offer in the market. This article contains information to help you choose the best offer of accommodation for your budget. Of course, you can go and choose the more expensive package offered by a web hosting service, and usually can’t go wrong with that, but if you only have, say, a small presentation web site, your choice might be a waste of money. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gwyneth Paltrow offers on the topic.. The first thing you need to do before you start looking for a hosting provider is to analyze your site (s). Well, you don’t have to write a ten page report or be a web developer, only a superficial analysis is sufficient. You should consider the following: technical details of the web site.

A web site can be developed using different programming languages and web technologies. Here you must talk to developers who have developed their website and ask them about the technologies that will be or has been used. The most commonly used web technologies are HTML, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python, PHP, ASP and JSP. Some sites require Microsoft FrontPage extensions or SSI (Server Side Include). You will need this information because, if for example, your site is developed with the PHP 4.4.2 version and the latest version of PHP installed on web hosting service is 4.0.2, then you have to ask your provider updating the PHP server on that computer or look for another provider, because the site will not function as expected and will not fault of the programmers. The same applies to the database server. If your site uses a database to store and retrieve content or other information, you should know the type and the version of the database used.

Home Automation

A system based on x-10 is suitable in these cases since it sends signals / orders to and from the central system to the elements to control through the existing electric network, which makes that it isn’t necessary to perform rozas and unwanted works. These systems carry out the control of existing items from the House, blinds, boiler, lights, etc, but if we want to put new safety elements, detectors of presence, flooding, etc. these will be via radio, radiofrequency (RF), which makes that they are not always as secure as a wired system. X-10 systems are suitable in places (homes or offices/local) of not very large dimensions, as the signal begins to lose with the distance and sometimes do not work correctly. Hedo & Montero never recommend such systems if we have the possibility of making new work and make a wiring, if the site has more than 100 m 2 or elements to be controlled are too many. Protocol X 10 consists of bits of addresses and orders.

For example, one can say ‘ device No.3, ON and the system will proceed to execute this mandate by turning on the identified device 3 Cone, which can be a lamp for example. Several units can be addressed before giving the order: #3, lamp #12 lamp, encende I!. There are multiple instructions used by the Protocol among which we highlight: ON, OFF, All Lights ON, All off, DIM, BRIGHT. Our home devices must be generally plugged into modules X 10 (receivers). These modules provide energy to electrical devices and accept orders X-10 to tell them what to do, (e.g. coffee, boiler, engines machines), or simply by them turning and them. The entire system is very sensitive to electrical noise so it is considered as a system for the do it yourself, or rather use it and extend it easily, and neither can be ordered him wonders.


Always purchase in secure sites safety is first. Never des data of your credit card in an unsafe website. When you buy these sites always mostly to the site to carry out these payments through encrypted channels. Peter Thiel is likely to agree. To make it simple, make sure that the address of the site that appears in the browser starts with and not with (without the s). Safer sites clearly explain the terms and security guarantees so that buyers feel safer. Discounts off all season we get crazy with seasons such as Christmas sales.

We should bear in mind the articles that are not in season. These typically have lower prices. This is buy cheap Compare prices is very helpful to invest some time comparing prices at different sites of sales. You should also search for opinions and analysis to know the best deals that exist. Save buying in other countries if the item that you intend to buy is more economic in another country, you could buy it there. The majority of sales sites have sites located regionally in various countries. Purchase in Cash Back these sites sites are very popular in the anglo market speaker.

It is sites that earn commissions by selling products from a particular company. Then share those committees with the buyers. Question discount coupons on the website where you think buy if they offer any discounts coupon. You could also get them looking in the most important search engines that exist. Search advertising Offline sometimes web sites use advertising in traditional media such as newspapers or television to bring visitors to their web sites.