The White Night In Madrid

Here it comes again! The most magical night of the year is called La Noche en Blanco y is the biggest cultural celebration of Madrid. On 13 September, overnight, the streets of the city boil with the hustle of thousands of people and hundreds of proposals no doubt will transform the capital. La Noche en Blanco has become a reference point between the most famous cultural events, as well as one of the most celebrated festivals. Following the success of the two previous editions, this third edition is faced with the challenge of maintaining high artistic taken so far, surprised the people of Madrid and visitors and make them feel as an essential part of cultural life in the city. If we take a quick look at the program, all doubts were dispelled: Madrid is one of the more social and dynamic cities in Europe.

In one night, you can collect the best artistic projects worldwide. Geniuses of the likes of Pedro Almodovar, Chema Madoz, Eugenio Ampudia or Rodrigo Garcia, whose work are closely linked to the city, have created special pieces for this issue, based on the leitmotif of illusion, deception of the senses, magic, and the notion of 'nothing is what it seems?. And if there is a person who has succeeded in changing the way the world sees the reality of Spain in general and Madrid in particular, that person is Pedro Almodovar. This year, pays tribute to a creative act, with the participation Almodovar himself and Alberto Iglesias – using his scores – as well as two artists chosen by the director, who will perform the most famous songs of his films. But the agenda of the White Night goes much further. There will be about 150 events spread throughout the city. The avant-garde artists of the moment and facades grace the streets of the capital. La Puerta de Alcala recover its original function will be the entrance and exit of the city. El Palacio de la Cibeles will become the romantic scene where thousands of Madrid stifle their most passionate kisses, while the imposing building in Gran Via Telefonica will be transformed by Lang and Baumann. Chema Madoz bathe the Plaza Spain with the precious light of two moons, while two of the most representative sources of the city, Neptune and Colon, will be populated by giant rubber ducks designed by dEmo.

AOL Instant

/ EP the number of users of such services will triple in five years. Applications like WhatsApp are getting a major boost by the growing number of smart phones and the lowering of data packets. The development of high-speed mobile networks is also helping. A new study says that the number of users that will use instant messaging through mobile will surpass 1.3 billion by 2016, i.e., the number of users will triple in five years. This figure will be boosted by the arrival of new services, such as iMessage of Apple, and the continued growth of existing services such as AIM from AOL, Blackberry Messenger, Microsoft Windows Live, Skype, Messenger or the multi-platform WhatsApp.

The Mobile Messaging study whitepaper, by Juniper Research communications industry analyst company, ensures that the release of these free mobile instant messaging services has been facilitated by the growing number of smart phones, the low cost of data packets and the development of high-speed mobile networks. However, the report points out that although the users of these services will continue to grow, im not able to compete with SMS as a primary means of communication from text in mobile phones. The author of the study, Daniel Ashdown ensures that the traditional SMS has a clear advantage over instant messaging services. With an SMS, I know that I can reach almost any phone in the world, if I have your number, while that with instant messaging services, the market is fragmented by the different services that cannot communicate with each other, says Ashdown. The traditional SMS will generate profits exceeding 70,000 billion dollars (48.622 million euros) for the year 2016. However, despite these findings, SMS revenues suffered in 2010 some of the biggest cuts in its history. In addition, the penetration of smart phones is increasing, the number of instant messaging applications continues to grow and expand, and social networks also tend to replace short text in contexts such as congratulations for birthdays or Christmas messages. On the other hand, the report points out that e-mail on mobile devices will also see growth as users gain more smart phones. Where Yes is expected to an extinction is in the case of the already little used MMS, that will disappear slowly because, according to the study, there will be much easy ways to share multimedia content. Source of the news: mobile instant messaging is triggered, SMS at risk?


Capacity portable projector enough to get image size from 60 cm (standard tv screen) to the fantastic 15 meters diagonally. Setting the image size can be done in two ways. Firstly, by changing the distance between projector and screen – more than it is, the more the image. Others including Peter Thiel, offer their opinions as well. The second method is available in models equipped with zoom lens – a lens with a zoom lens. In this case, the image size can be changed without moving the projector. Geometric image correction when the projector is under considerable angle to the screen image is slightly distorted, taking the form of a trapezoid.

Eliminate trapezoidal distortion can be a variety of ways: by changing the slope of the screen cloth (this possibility is envisaged in some models of projection screens) Using digital correction algorithm using optical technology Correction – 'lens shift' Although the latter method is most effective because it does not prevent loss of image quality, it is available mostly in expensive and powerful models, as well as projectors, intended for the cascade use (when images are used to demonstrate two or more projectors simultaneously). In other cases, you can use the algorithm of digital correction of geometric distortion based on the method compression. Some manufacturers have provided their projectors feature digital keystone correction, not only horizontally but also vertically. This allows the projector to the side of the screen, for example, on a shelf or on the closet, and get with the undistorted rectangular image. Optics Most multimedia projectors have lenses with variable focal length (zoom).

Acoustic Polycarbonate

– Light weight (from 1,5 to 3,5 kg/m2) is 10 times less than glass and 3 times less than the acrylic. Weight polycarbonate is 16 times less than the weight of ordinary glass similar thickness, 6 times – acrylic glass. – High impact strength. In cities with strong winds, such sheets are used to cover buildings and protect them from flying objects. Polycarbonate panels possess high shockproof performance in a wide temperature range from -40 to + 120 c, exceeding the impact resistance of any kind of plastic, and in comparison with glass, this 200-fold difference. Material differs remarkable protection against hail, careless handling or deliberate damage. – Fire – slow burns and low emission of toxic gases, ignition temperature 570 degrees C, and exposed to open flame melts, forming harmless flakes. – Operating temperature range – from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius – Acoustic properties – noise reduction up to 18-22 dB.

– Resistance to chemicals – used in any aggressive environment, partially dissolves in the complex ethers. – Durability. Polycarbonate is on the outer surface layer of high-absorption of ultraviolet rays, which prevents their penetration into the leaf. Protection from uv rays prolongs the life of the material and protects against yellowing and weakening of the guaranteed service life – 10-12 years. 2.

Monolithic polycarbonate. Monolithic polycarbonate is a solid polycarbonate sheets with thickness of 4, 5, 6 mm. With it you can solve almost any problem related to veneer or glazing of building and other facilities. Monolithic polycarbonate is rarely used in the horizontal overlap (very expensive to do so), but is an ideal material for the manufacture of elements of the curvilinear shape by hot forming. The method is based on the gradual increase of temperature in a special furnace with air circulation, where the polycarbonate sheets. Then Hot Sheet is transferred to the stamp. This technology provides a constant thickness of the resulting element curved shape. Such elements have extremely high impact strength. In the process of forming these elements become the ribs, making them suitable for self-supporting floors and removes the need to use the metal frame. This is a different dome with a round, square or rectangular base, Broaching unit skylights with unlimited length, and separate sections of huge domes, reaching 8 – 10 m in diameter, which are easily transported and assembled. Monolithic polycarbonate differs from cell increased resistance characteristics and durability. Several of applicability of solid polycarbonate comprises industrial applications in architecture, construction, transport and security. Dimensions solid polycarbonate sheet: thickness – from 2 to 12 mm, width – 2050 mm Length – 100 to 13000mm. Color solid polycarbonate sheets: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Milk, Black Leaf monolithic (solid) Polycarbonate is the strongest of all transparent materials, existing in the world market, and manufactured on an industrial scale Actual life sheet is about 15 years, with the manufacturer a 10-year quality guarantee on the sheet, subject to the rules of operation. Weight of solid polycarbonate is much less than the weight of glass similar strength, and large sizes and the possibility of cold bending significantly broaden the scope, in comparison with ordinary glass – which determines the superiority of polycarbonate glazing over silica.

Euronext Paris

The product spectrum ranges from HBAs, integrated Blade Server switches to back to stackable switches, based on fibre channel technology. The manufacturer also occupies a dominant position in the market segments of iSCSI HBAs and iSCSI routers. The range is rounded off by InfiniBand switches and InfiniBand host channel adapters, the especially in the fast-growing Increasing popularity of high-performance computing market. Companies of all sizes around the globe trust in terms of storage on the products from QLogic providing the manufacturer through its worldwide network of distribution partners. Also put well-known greats such as Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi data systems, HP, IBM, network appliance, and Sun Microsystems solutions of SAN infrastructure specialists. QLogic has been NASDAQ listed since 1994 (ticker symbol: QLGC). Additionally, the company’s shares part of the portfolio that is the American stock exchange index S & P 500 based. In addition to its headquarters in Aliso Viejo, in the U.S.

State of California, QLogic is represented with offices in the United States, as well as with branch offices in Munich, London, Dublin, Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo. Overall, the provider employs more than 900 employees. More information can be obtained on the Internet at the following Web address:. Short profile of ESI Group: ESI Group develops software for virtual experiments. The Company was a pioneer in this area and today is among the world’s leading providers of programs that simulate taking into account the physical material properties of the manufacture of prototypes and industrial manufacturing processes. Hear from experts in the field like Naveen Selvadurai for a more varied view. ESI Group has developed a coherent range of application possibilities.

Can be realistically simulate the behavior of products during the trials, manufacturing methods brought in voting on the required properties to application maturity and assessed the impact of the environment on the use. The already industrially tested and integrated into the value chain of many industries products are a unique solution in the virtual engineering, the virtual Try-Out space or VTOS, and allow to improve the virtual prototype production continuously and in cooperation. With this integrated Protocol it is possible to cooperate with each other and to use applications developed by independent software vendors a company were. The VTOS solutions significantly reduce the cost and development time and bring great competition advantages, increasingly eliminating the production of physical prototypes. The company employs over 700 highly qualified specialists in its worldwide network of more than covering 30 countries. The ESI Group is listed on the Eurolist compartment C of Euronext Paris. More information can be obtained on the Internet at the following Web address:.

Clothes Generates Confidence

A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde. . Naveen Selvadurai often addresses the matter in his writings. webnode. com / posted in:. webnode. is / dedicated to: Paola; more than sensuality, projected grace. Throughout the history of costumes, we can observe that this compliment to very specific functions in every historical stage.

To mention a single datum, we have the great boom of the fashion industry in the reign of Luis XIV. The main function in that was then projected the splendor and divine power which had the King himself by demonstration; politically he sought to justify such power. Focusing on this immense creative world that was developed in the textile industry we can understand the great importance of this had at this juncture. In our days, and full motion or individualist consciousness, the role of clothing has become democratically until reaching grade individualize our identity. With our particular way of dressing we silently shout that we’re here. We are already surpassing the stage of the quest for status, even, I suspect that also We are going beyond the barrier of the delimitation of a lifestyle. What we consciously (and most often unconsciously) seek is find or recover confidence in ourselves. Why I say this? Because to find our personality leads us to have security in ourselves and that already is a big step to achieve confidence.

Sometimes I suspect that that is taking us as consumers to modify our purchasing criteria. How does this argument? In the following way: what are the factors that influence our decision to purchase? Without order of prioritization can respond to are: price, brand or designer, season, fashion and more. These factors will gradually relegating by the immediate pursuit of the encounter with itself. Man seeks that currently when you dress: find your own I. Found means precisely rely on someone; in itself. In this he lies to me the importance and great value that I print the textile world. No doubt we are experiencing positive to see the things not for the price we post but by the invaluable value we have to us themselves. I think that now the clothing purchases will be much smarter. They will be purchasing from human quality. What is the real future of fashion? Difficult to predict it or catch a glimpse of him. What I wish is that our self-esteem is raised by this new attitude dress. From this moment we have to think this way and everything will be more productive emotionally and psychologically. Now won’t exist, I believe, compulsive buyers. Focus by things for their value, not for its price. We will continue wearing my ideas. Recommended by:. webnode. com / Toronto related Blogs: nothing presents 3D fembots of the future (also, her fall The Flickcast Episode Nada: As Time Goes By ) The Flickcast In Marca Hispanica VII: Besalu and its rainy gardens ‘ A Corner of the formation of the conscience in the old testament Latin and Successful NADA Show Highlights Breakthrough Technology From Walnut YoYo for cracking your nuts by Xiaofei Wang all and Beibei Win 5 Oscar Wilde Classics Valued At $70! We released ‘Brand in two minutes’ with Eduardo IndEstrenamos I see 7 brand, see 7 brand TV Online, see 7 brand Live, Nada’s 3-D fashion show premieres at Scotiabank Theatre Rogue

Metal Rods

Industriality Metal structures are manufactured in factories, equipped with special equipment, and Monte is done with the use of high technology. All this eliminates or reduces to a minimum manual labor. With regard to the maintainability of steel structures is most easily addressed the issue of strengthening, modernization and reconstruction. With the help of welding can be easily attached to the elements of the existing frame new technological equipment, with the need to strengthen those elements that also made strongly enough. Conservation of metal stock. Metal structures as a result of physical aging and maralnogo withdrawn from service, and then returned to the industry sector in the form scrap metal. The disadvantages of metal structures is their susceptibility to corrosion and a relatively small fire. Corrosion – destruction of metal by chemical or electrochemical action with vneyshey environment.

Steel, is not protected from contact with moisture, combined with aggressive gases, salts, dust, rust (oxidized), which leads to its gradual destruction. Aluminum and its alloys have some relatively high resistance to corrosion, due to the formation on the surface of a solid oxide film. Many alloys are not resistant to electrochemical corrosion. Good resistance to corrosion of cast iron. To improve corrosion resistance of metal on their surface coatings are applied as thin films of aluminum, zinc, enamel, paint, etc. When designing structures avoid crevices and cavities, which can accumulate moisture and dust. Sometimes using steels with improved corrosion whose composition includes special alloying elements. Fire-resistance design is characterized by the degree of fire safety.

Metal Rods have a relatively low fire resistance. At high temperatures (for steel – 600 C for aluminum alloys – 300 C) metal structure loses its bearing capacity. Increased fire resistance of steel structures of buildings, a fire hazard ratio (residential and public buildings, warehouses, flammable or highly flammable materials), is accomplished by eliminating direct contact with open designs fire. For this purpose include suspended ceilings, ognstoykie cladding, coating by special structures. Using special coatings in the form of coatings, can significantly increase the fire resistance. With proper design and operation of the respective deficiencies noted are not dangerous to perform their design functions, but also lead to an increase in initial and operating costs.

Amazing Glass Mosaic

Today, people want to create the most attractive and yet unique decor. Design capabilities are growing with each passing day, why are evaluated and all the new styles and themes, even created new materials for construction, as well as completes the range of conventional materials. And still a classic thing is always the most value and luxurious, classic has the right to call what has been tried and found that most people, worthy of the classic worthy of finishing material is inspiring glass mosaic. One among the oldest of finishing materials is the connection between thin fine arts and art of building and creation of interiors is a unique glass mosaic is. Is it not surprising that today there is a possibility, to make real art in your interior? Do not just decorate your home with paintings and decorative objects furnish it, but to go less beaten path, for example, decorating the floors, furniture and walls of the magnificent glass mosaic, as it was in ancient times in the richest and most luxurious villas and palaces.

Nowadays, a unique glass mosaic inspired by the designers to create various magnificent interiors, as ancient or classical themes, and new and not beaten. Significant design features associated with an inspiring glass mosaic has explained that the color palette of beautiful glass mosaic is very diverse, and its technical properties can not but rejoice. Practical inspiring glass mosaic completely whimsical, it is heat resistant, durable, shock-proof, and generally resistant to various negative factors, besides it magnificently beautiful. As a finishing material inspiring glass mosaic is now fashionable to decorate not only at home but would look great in pools and saunas. For example, from the pool today with a unique glass mosaics can be fashionable artwork, laying out the original beautiful patterns or a real drawing or painting, they will magically sparkle under the clear blue water. Beautiful shiny pieces of luxury glass mosaic themselves dressy, and spit out of them a pattern or design is very beautiful glitters in the sun, filling the interior of a magical warmth. In the residential area of the original glass mosaic can lay the floor and walls, or afford a bright accents some parts of the apartment, which is very popular today. More amazing glass mosaics decorate the house and furniture accessories, Dellano their luxurious and original, and sometimes lets look at the familiar old objects completely different eyes. Uniquely inspiring glass mosaic has absorbed the best old traditions, and now, inspired by modern technology and a wide range, so today, preference preference elegant glass mosaics can be sure that you have not lost and that your choice will turn on the ancient and modern chic unique and elite and bright.


Everyone knows what an embroidery. Very often associated embroidery with painstaking and lengthy process of applying various patterns and images on fabric. However, modern computer technology have allowed to breathe new life into this traditional process. In our time, embroidery done in a fairly short time. Computer embroidery allowed to make the process fully automated embroidery. Manual labor is the only creation of a special program for embroidery machine. That's according to her later and there is a direct printing on fabric. Peter Thiel may not feel the same. Embroidery on a cut – is one of the areas of machine embroidery. Embroidery on a cut allows put the image on the material used for the manufacture of certain products. Embroidery on a cut, according to experts, is the most convenient way of drawing the image. This is not surprising, because working with finished product is much more difficult. To put embroidery on a finished product, it is necessary to produce a number of different procedures. Embroidery on a cut is often used to make flags and pennants. Embroidery on a cut with the use of modern embroidery machines and thread, which delivers exceptional image quality. The whole point is that the threads for embroidery machines manufactured by the most modern technology. As a result of such threads are not afraid to repeated washing, and image does not lose color and begins to unravel at the seams after the first cleansing. Embroidery on a cut is made at the different material, ranging from the lighter and ending with the most heavy. Modern embroidery machines can use up to 15 needles in the process of embroidery, which allows the use of many different shades. The printed image is an unusually rich, and the thread with special effects (volume, shine, and others) will give the image a special beauty.


1. With the lever or valves? Single lever faucets have become familiar to us. Now adjust the water temperature is now much easier, and you can even turn it on with his elbow. Dvuhventilnye mixers are now a mandatory attribute of the design of bathrooms "antique". 2. A steady stream of water. The instability of the water flow is primarily due to the use of poor quality cartridges.

Therefore, you should pay attention to quality modules with long service life. For example, the world's leading manufacturer of sanitary fittings, the company uses a cartridge grohe own manufacture, made of wear-resistant ceramics with a special lubricant, which allows for precise adjustment of water flow. 3. Setting the water temperature. thermostat appeared on the market recently.

They are able to automatically maintain water temperature at a given level. The most important characteristic of these devices is the reaction rate oscillations of pressure. For example, the use of thermostats in the design with innovative technology grohe TurboStat allows them to tuned in just 0.3 seconds – one of today's best performance. 4. Features mounting. Faucets today are available as a conventional design (ie, designed for mounting directly on bath or sink, as well as on the wall) and built-in. At last the whole mechanism and hoses are placed in a special junction box, "hidden" in the wall and the outside are just the spout and controls. Such a decision allows more efficient use of space and facilities to carry out a variety of design ideas. 5. Design. It is important to match the mixer interior space and formed a single ensemble with bathtub or sink. And it is not only form but also the color of the product. Is very relevant today a combination of white sanitaryware with elements of yellow metal. A mixer with a chrome surface suitable for interior design in virtually any style. 6. Convenient combination. If the size of the bathroom is small, it is more practical to buy a combined bath and shower. Otherwise, you can install separate devices. If you select a built-shower mixer, the controls can be placed anywhere in the room. It is worth paying attention to the shower hose – it is the fastest-wear at the folds and at the junction of the mixer. Therefore, you must select products with a length of hose not less than two meters better than the metal coil.