Same Principles

The members recognize the effective rules they accept and them for the reason to find that excessively also they think in the same way. However, the basic structure of the society (the institution) well is not specified if it deals with legislative bodies, schools, administrative centers, but this does not matter now what it matters is to know if the recital of the two principles would be efficient. These principles would be originated from a contractual consensus called by Rawls of original position. The original position is the first movement in the formularization of the principles of justice in an institution. Is selected a group of people? endowed with rationality enough to be able to discern the choices? that hypothetically equal summer, without physiological and economic differences, that is, the original position is the fictitious state of equality that would characterize all the individuals.

In this hypothetical initial situation, all are independent, free of any exterior interferences that could stain its pure consciences with egoistic desires of supremacy; in the truth the autonomy is exactly the condition where the equality of all those guided by the reason in its equitable state more brando and is in vigor and from which if could formulate moral principles right. Soon, the arguments and the right to express them, the position of the parts, in the original position, similar and would be established in inherent ethical slight knowledge to the involved rationality. For this reason, in the original position, all make look like to guide themselves for the same optics and any formularization of principles would be observed under the same perspective of the involved ones, since all would be motivated by the idea of well general, therefore in the conception of the original position is implicit the slight knowledge of that all know what it is better for itself and for the others.

Banking Deposits Through Iphone

The banking deposits in the automatic tellers convirtiern in obsolete technology thanks to a new and fascinating application that will allow to the users of Apple iPhone to photograph both sides of a check, and next, to send the images through his iPhone to make the respective deposit banking. New ” Deposit@Mobile” this week in San Antonio, Texas by the USAA (United Services Automobile Association), one of the financial services of private but great property of the American state and also insurance agency will be released, according to a report published in The New York Times. USAA has published a video on the new application in YouTube to show their capacity of innovation. USAA already sent an application for iPhone in May that allows the members to review its banking balances, money transferences, to find automatic tellers near and to make another type of questions with his iPhones. The movable bank hopes that it grows. But this new form of invoicing of the processes of I deposit will be added a new dimension to the existing services of the group. iPhone of verification of nonserious process of deposit the first time that USAA has offered it to their clients time back. Already in February of 2007, the bank introduced a process in which the clients could scan checks in the computers of their house and soon to transmit the images to the later part for their deposit.

After using the new application for iPhone, the clients will not have to later send checks deposited in the bank, but one of the advice on digital deposits recommends much to annul or to erase documents or to keep them in safe folders, in agreement with the report of New York Times. Due to the preoccupations on the fraud and the robbery, only the exclusive clients will be able to obtain credit accounts or of insurances with USAA they will have right to use the new service. This type of application will be available in the future for other marks and models of the intelligent telephones? These possibilities come in the future and promise yield banking deposits, in agreement with the messages in blog of the bank, but more details are not still available. Nevertheless, he can be very innovating, but I still am a little worried about the possibility about fraud when allowing to people of depositing his checks electronically. You have seen the film ” Catch Me If You Can” , a true history on the fraud with checks. It can be very real what happens in this films.

By all means, civil servants USAA – and those of all the banks think ” now; why we did not think about that? ” – They have very carefully thought about the subject as soon as security, and as it is possible to avoid any type of fraudulent activities. Because what we needed they are profitable banking deposits and not a banking strategy that allows to soil to a financial system of the country in which we are. We have sufficient problems of fixation of Wall s$street, the banks, and our economy, after the recent financial crisis. This technology is committed to try to help us, that is the hope at least. The hope of which this new application for iPhone does not get to be something that we pruned to lament depues.