Power Point Start

Then, there are no problems with delays and the need to adjust personal schedule training participants. Also in the planning since the beginning of the training should pay attention to where the training – in a big city (Kiev, Moscow, Donetsk), or in a town with fewer people. In cities with a population of 500 tis is planned to start training at 10.00. In cities with smaller populations can start training at 9.00 or 9.30. This is due to the specifics of the city, and habits of people, problems with transport. For example, in Kiev, is almost impossible begin training before 10:00 am, without risking being late to witness half of the training group. In addition, it is important to consider before beginning training for 20-30 minutes to register to attend the training, especially in the case of open training and information about early registration must be present in the announcements of training.

Thus, the start of training defined, the participants arrived, registered, the training begins … What's next? Presentation of the topic of training, trainers, training companies, particularly those of the company. Unfortunately, too often these important moments are missed, but it is wrong – the default is that the trainees informed about the topic of the training and about who and what it holds, but in practice is often different, so do not be amiss again to stop there. The first step should be sounding the theme of training. And not just sound, and recording on Whatman paper or flip chart, and this information must be displayed prominently throughout the training, no matter how many days it lasted no. Now the coaches are actively using presentation techniques, and try to give as much information as Power Point presentations.

Brazil Literary

It is as if, through it, if it drew the face of the social time. Critical the literary one is interpretation searching to understand the literary composition, its mechanisms and procedures for ‘ ‘ to load the language of significado’ ‘ to conjugate ‘ ‘ all saberes’ ‘ in its proper universe only e, e, as consequncia, never can be neutral nor innocent. Exactly a critical academic, established in criteria of cientificidade, articulated for a language standard and objective, runs the risk to suffer of the credibility lack, in such a way theoretician as practical. Invariably if she confuses what he is scientific with that is mere technological. We could abiding in them by the critical historiografia of the literary one in Brazil, however our objective is not this.

We objectify here, through the dialogue with the reader, to reproduce some of the concerns on the work of the critical contemporary, scientific or not, spontaneous academicista or. As much literature was never produced as nowadays. We will dare to say that it has a bigger number of writers that reading, has seen the result of some ways of research indirect, as the vestibular contest, for example, or it visits to some sites in the Internet. we have as well as them in profusion (the writers), another phenomenon: the sprouting of the planto critics. Other people’s to the scientific aspects and manuals of critical the literary one, we have some approaches and commentaries on literary constructions. Nothing to oppose. It would so only be enough that these critics had certain discernment how much the aspects of the workmanship that are citizens to the critical one: Use of the language, the comparison between authors, the research of the sources, the estilstica analysis, the literary influence of the schools and movements, the used comment of the thematic one. The literary critic, whichever the institucional plan where if he places (journalistic academic or) becomes related with the literature, over all with that she is its contemporary, through a certain degree of blindness, or through a species of interested blindness that takes the critic to see solely what it wants or it can see, because its look is not innocent. in these circumstances, of – critical the partial one, that afeita to the vanities, to the interesseiro stimulaton, sponsorship, or for another one, that one where the disagreements if reveal, the epistemolgicas, social, moral oppositions, philosophical politics or. From there, to send regards: coherence, coherence and urbanity: ‘ ‘ Critical useful and the true one will be that one that, instead of shape its sentences for an interest, wants either the interest of the hatred, wants of the adulao or the affection, looks for to reproduce solely the judgments of its conscincia’ ‘.

The Upper

Another good technique lies in getting all the information that you can about the company and the position offered, so that one knows what are the characteristics that the person who has to deal with it should have. If the requirements are exceeded, it is better to show only those that fit with the profile requested, without mentioning others at first. Then, according to advance the selection process, there will be time to come out to shine. Hands-on When it comes time to send the curriculum must ensure summarize all relevant information on a single page. Data can be scarce, but you always have to avoid distorting the reality. The most appropriate model is one in which the most important data are detailed in the upper part of the folio and titles that can overwhelm the reader or impress him negatively, relegated to the lower positions, without emphasizing them excessively. But, obviously, they should always be present. After passing the exam the curriculum, will get the opportunity to have an interview in person with the coach.

During the same may arise the doubt, by the party, if an excessive qualification may not be a problem in the performance of the job. The best response is to argue that the experience and knowledge acquired during the career are an advantage for the future performance of the company. At this point in the process, the selectors may bring out a series of objections against the candidature of the type: will get bored very quickly, You’re not compliant with wage or You go to another company as soon as you have a better offer. As a general rule, companies are not supporters of hiring highly qualified staff, since we believe that, when the economic situation improves, they will lose this staff. So you have to be able to convince them of the contrary. If comment you that the work can be humiliating for someone with your profile, you must make it clear that you are a person that you consider that the mere fact of being able to work longer is a privilege, regardless of the work to be done. To get a good reaction from the coach, takes the initiative and ask questions that you can answer in your benefit.

Thus, you can encourage him to ask you about any issue that you need so that you are convinced that you’re the most suitable person for the post offered (“does he have any questions about my candidacy that still has not been able to answer?). Those subjects that you consider most controversial you should take into account and be prepared to deal with any matter in this regard. The best thing: you practice at home before going to the meeting, so do not stay with the mind blank, or you don’t know what to answer. But above all, be honest. You try to get the job only if it really motivates you even if you are below your qualifications.