National System Curriculum

In the present presidential term the denominated Integral Reformation of the Education has started up average Superior, with a model that it tries the equalization of the curricula in all the country by means of the National System of the Baccalaureate. The System leans in four pillars: 1. Construction of Common Curricular Marco. 2. Definition and recognition of potions of the supply of the Education Average Superior. 3.

Professionalisation of the educative services. 4. Complementary National certification. Even though the model of the reform tries to form to the young one for the learning throughout the life by means of the acquisition of educative competitions the curriculum falls in the trap of the encyclopaedism since it centers the learning in the curriculum and not in the student. when establishing loaded training programs of information that the professor must obtain by means of learnings by exhibition or discovery in reduced time spaces, forcing to professors and students to a competition where what matters in fulfilling the program and not it acquisition of significant learnings. But that in addition no vigilant the joint with the basic education, concretely with the secondary one. The hope of a structural change only is in the professionalisation of the practice of the educational one; a new professional practice of teaching that the professor leads to question the object of the enciclopedistas contents, while it struggles by the formation of a student able to solve as much existential problems as academic, before to worry about a debit profile that exclusively takes care of to form to enter to education superior. Perhaps it is hour to invest the pyramid for the design of a pertinent and excellent curriculum for the Mexican young people of the 21st century. Mirentras in the curricular model of the baccalaureate persists the idea that the important thing is to teach with encyclopedic criterion and the significant learning is relegated will continue journeying in the education like a ghost del that all speak but nobody can see.