The unconditional promise

The unconditional promise to pay a certain sum of money and their interests The note, unlike the bill of exchange, has an unconditional promise to pay a sum of money and their interests in domestic or international equivalent. The sum must be expressed in number (s) and letters, as the currency in which the payment. If paid in foreign currency must indicate the exchange rate between the currencies or equivalent, to be taken into account when due. This requirement is what distinguishes it from other bonds.


OLYMPICS BASQUE COUNTRY KITCHEN CUISINE With the Framework Agreement between the Seine and the Basque Government that has as one of its objectives internationally mobilize learners of different training programs for the realization of SENA courses, work placements or internships to promote competitiveness and productive technological development, where 48 apprentices participate in an internship in professional training centers in the Basque Country for a period of twelve weeks from 12 January to 3 April 2009. Based on the results obtained in the first where there were psychological and behavioral tests, stage of the competition in the area of Gastronomy, the top three apprentices each Center, traveled to Bogota to the test that was conducted on 15 October 2008 with the purpose of participating in the National Olympiad, the National Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Food and for both the interview with each. Learners participants for Agroecology and Business Center, Fusagasug , Cundinamarca Regional were: Daniel Camilo Santana, Cristian Rojas and Martha Elizabeth Finch. Within these Olympics learners of different centers due One (1) creative menu consisting of typical Colombian 2 servings (main course and dessert), the recipe was structured technically to two (2) portions, menu and recipe developed technically and submitted in writing and the dessert would be made with native fruits of the participant’s home region in any of the preparations to teach. The jury consisted of a group of national experts chefs cooking on the subject, who according to the guidelines of the contest, gave the objective qualification to each participant. The professional jury selected the 10 best learners, defining first, second and third place, where our trainees stood out, because in the second would be Daniel Camilo Santana, and third place nationally would be Martha Elizabeth Finch, who with the unconditional support of everyone in Central and especially with the collaboration, teaching and knowledge of Marine Instructor Victor Cepeda, these young people showed all his abilities and skills developed within their training and nowonly travel bag and is ready to take advantage of this great opportunity Angela Cecilia Lopez Soacha Virtuality SENA